Monday, December 9, 2019

Day 12 - Bonza Classic Bike Tour, Darling Harbour

Our last full day in Australia!

We were somewhat able to sleep in since our tour didn't start until 10:30. Still not being incredibly confident with the bus/train schedules, we left around 9:00 because we wanted to make sure we wouldn't be late.

We had to check out of our hotel, but they were nice enough to hold our bags until we came back in the afternoon. No issues getting to the location, and once we were close enough we stopped at a cafe so Lisa could get her morning coffee. We checked in around 10:15 and headed out with our guide on time.

The tour left pretty much right on the dot from Bonza Bike Tours.

First stop was where we had just been the day before - the bridge and the Opera House.

Our guides were really great about ensuring we stopped at all the major sights, gave us a bit of a history lesson, and of course, taking awesome pictures of all of us.

One of the highest points (if not THE highest point) is the Sydney Observatory - we got another great group of pictures here.

Then we headed out on the bike path that goes over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was pretty windy and we only rode to the middle of the bridge before taking pictures and turning back around. Worked out nicely since one of the gals in our group had a serious fear of heights and wouldn't ride on it with us.
Unbeknownst to me, we were stopping at a pub on the tour. Beers weren't included, but it was pretty need to stop at Sydney's oldest hotel and brewery!

We then road to the Anzac Memorial and Hyde Park (yep, just like in London).

We rounded out our tour by walking (yes, walking, we weren't allowed to ride) through one section of the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Once we got back near the Opera House the winds really picked up - to the point that people were screaming and getting a little crazy. Overall, another wonderful tour, I'm really glad we signed up for this one as we were able to get a history lesson at most of the locations as well.

We had to take the train back to our old hotel, then head to Darling Harbour where we had for some reason booked an AirBnb. Normally, we book near an airport the night before a flight, so really no clue why we did this.

It was a little sketchy meeting up with the lady, and we were dismayed to learn that we would NOT have WiFi our last night in Australia. Once we were settled in, we opted to walk to Darling Harbour to get food and see whatever we could. Unfortunately, along with the high winds was SMOKE and poor air quality.

We stopped at a burger place for dinner and then the kids wanted to go to a nearby park for a bit.

We stopped at an amazing bakery/coffee shop for our grand finale of dessert of the day. These were all amazing!!

There was a shopping center that we went in for some last minute souvenir shopping - still no luck with the matching pajamas though, what a bummer. Heading back to the hotel and it was still incredibly smoky.

I was able to get a decent picture of downtown from our hotel room, however. And I broke my "one beer a day" rule of the trip to pick up a random dark beer I found at the convenience store.

*I was really happy that I would not have to pack and unpack and repack again after this.

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