Monday, May 4, 2015

Week in Review (April 21 - April 27)

Tuesday (20,093 steps) - 45 minutes on the elliptical and then a total body video at home.
Wednesday (19,324 steps) - Run club!!! Just got a couple miles in. Legs were still angry.
Thursday (20,743 steps) - 3.5 miles on the treadmill. HOT. Not a great run.
Friday (14,914 steps) - PIZZA!!!
Saturday (32,332 steps) - Ft. Collins half marathon.
Pretty much left right from the race and headed home for a quick shower before going over to Jessa's house to babysit Jackson for the evening. Turned out to be quite the perfect night. Sitting and watching tv. My favorite.
Sunday (10,719 steps) - Went to Heather's "Cherry Creek Sneak" party. Turned out to be the perfect day for going to a party and sitting and eating and drinking and NOT running. It was pretty cold and rainy the entire day.
A had a great time making posters and decorations for the party
A was the champion of Jenga, Uno, Operation and Connect 4
Monday (23,885 steps) - 5+ miles on the treadmill doing a hill program. I don't remember it being awful, so it was probably average. Also did a total body video at home.

  • 142,010 steps
  • 24 miles run
  • 45 minutes of cross training
  • 48 minutes of strength/stretching
Everything Else
  • I've made the public announcement on Facebook - might as well do it here as well! I'm officially running my first stage race! I didn't find out until fairly recently, and honestly, my training is not really up for it, but the location?? Western Colorado and Utah (specifically, Moab). MY FAVORITE. I am so excited for this! It is to be run the entire distance of the Kokopelli trail (about 148 miles) from just west of Grand Junction, Colorado to downtown Moab, Utah. I am pumped. The race is Desert RATS - and it is put on by the same folks that had the trail race I just ran a few weeks ago and the race I do in Moab. Here is the LINK if you are interested in learning more about my next crazy adventure.
  • I went to the dentist TWICE for "scaling and re-planing." What that basically means is deep cleaning since I hadn't gone to the dentist for a while. It also is a clever way to bill the insurance company more money since it isn't "regular" cleaning and maintenance. The three total visits I have had cost me over $600. Good news? I only have the root canal left. The bad news? I want to bleach the tooth that is having the root canal because it is a front tooth and it is discolored and insurance pays none of that so it isn't covered and my bill will be $466. Yay!
  • It was staff appreciation WEEK here at my job. They did all sorts of cool and fun activities, catered in a LOT of food, and they did giveaways for gift certificates, massages AND free "paid days off." Sadly, I didn't win anything, but I had a fun time participating.
  • I guess since I posted about it a few weeks ago I will update. I had been talking to someone through Facebook (we do know each other in real life and he is a runner) about going out for drinks. We had sorta made plans, we were texting a bit. Then.... nothing. I felt like I was doing ALL the initiating of conversation, so I stopped. I ran into him at the Ft. Collins race and mentioned that he still owed me a beer and there was no further follow-up. So I guess that is not happening. I hate to appear desperate.
  • And with all that.... nothing else happening. Seems like it was a pretty boring week.


  1. Any workout you link I go do. So I guess it's another full-body workout for me tonight. I'm way too lazy to do my own workout video research!

  2. You signed up for the Desert RATS Stage Race? I am so envious in a way-too-intimidated-to-do-it-myself kind of way!


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