Thursday, May 21, 2015

Week in Review (May 12 - May 18)

Tuesday (22,224 steps) - So my running has been suffering. This time of year I always seem to suffer burnout as a result of crappy runs, most of them being on the treadmill. I'm frustrated with being slower and having less time to cover more miles. Had a bit of a "heart to heart" with some of my virtual running friends, and the bottom line is that I need to find a way to make it less awful, or just stop doing it. So, I've been getting up EARLY (like just before the sun is up) in order to get some running done outside before work. 3 miles done around my neighborhood. Now, that doesn't sound like a lot, but I consider it a victory since that 3 miles was including a pretty big hill that I would have walked up if it was in a race. After work, headed to the gym for 40 minutes on the elliptical, and then when I was at home I did the total body video.
Wednesday (24,845 steps) - Up early again. Did I mention it's been cold and rainy? This one required a light jacket, although I did warm up and took it off after about a mile. Same general route as the one I did the day before, but went a bit further. 5 miles done. Went to run club after work for another couple easy miles.

Thursday (24,845 steps) - Got up, headed out for a run and came back after less than a mile. Just not in the mood for it. Went to the gym after work and got in an hour on the elliptical.
Friday (24,099) - Historically, this has been an "off" day for me. However, I got up and tackled my longest morning run yet. Just over 6.5 miles before work.

Saturday (28,903 steps) - Since I've been running in the neighborhood, I wanted a change of pace. Headed down to Clear Creek trail and had a pretty good 5 mile run. Everything is so green right now because of all the rain that we have been having.

Went to the gym after for 55 minutes on the elliptical. Then A and I headed to the only thing I was looking forward to on my birthday weekend - seeing Pitch Perfect 2! It wasn't nearly as good as the first one, but we had a great time. Birthday dinner was a delicious burger. I hadn't had one in ages.
Sunday (32,141) - I was up EARLY to get to the Colfax marathon relay since I was the runner for leg 1. I have already recapped the race so I won't go into much detail, but the 6.5 miles were pretty great, other than the last mile.

I rushed home to shower so that we could all go get breakfast. I had thought about going to get waffles, but we just ended up going to IHOP because it was close. I was EXHAUSTED after the race and ended up napping for half the afternoon. Welcome to old age... Quick total body video before dinner with my family.
Monday (16,362 steps) - Up early for my birthday run. 3.7 miles for 37 years... still very cold here, so I was running in long sleeves. I don't do that often and I'm running out of cold weather tops, so it was Christmas in May.

A and I went out to dinner for my birthday - shared a pizza. Then we indulged in all the dessert I had. One of my co-workers made me a huge cake and then another bought me little ones from "Nothing Bundt Cakes" - all delicious.

  • 173,115 steps
  • 33.2 miles run
  • 155 minutes of cross training
  • 48 minutes of strength
  • SOLID week, and 0 miles on the treadmill
Everything Else
  • I'm 99% sure I won the step challenge at work. We turned in the last of our number on Monday morning, but for some reason it will take a WEEK to add them up? Are chickens doing the math?? I want the glory!!
  • Related: Work is still going really well
  • A's wrist is healing nicely. However, the bills have started rolling in. OMG can I complain and bitch and moan about the cost of health care???? AFTER insurance I'm looking at over $2200 out of pocket... and that does not include her follow-up appointments which will include more X-rays and a new cast. I'm sad, mad, and overall wtf. No wonder people go broke over medical bills. BLAH. I've been selling a lot of stuff, including some of my INKnBURN and my "designer" handbags in an effort to pay these bills. I've also got some pretty great friends that have offered to pitch in and send a few bucks my way if needed.
  • And as for all the running... my stage race is less than a month away. I figure I might as well get some miles in now. The outdoor running has really helped, so hopefully the run funk is over. What isn't over is all the rain. No sun is depressing.


  1. 33 is so many miles!!

    remember when I was (briefly) older than you?!

  2. Happy belated birthday! It has been chilly up here lately too, the sun finally came out to play yesterday and today I got to run in shorts.

  3. Well, I am glad to see you taking it outdoors as far as running goes. I know that if I had to stay in a gym and just do treadmill work, I'd probably quit running. I've done the gym thing before and it is okay for rainy / snowy days, but I'll take an open bike trail any other day.

    Also, you do a LOT of steps. Your cross training may be taking away from any energy you might have for to dedicate to running. As we get older, our recovery time takes a lot more and doing the strength training, running a lot of miles and being a parent can sometimes be a bit much. You may want to prioritize what is important to you in terms of training. For me: it is miles...

    I too cleaned up at our company's walk-a-thon contest -- by a landslide. Sort of embarrassing when one's running / exercise dedication gets publicized.

    I can also relate to your hospital bill. I had a bad stomach flu that required a trip to the ER this winter. It was about $300 for the ambulance ride and another $1650 for the actual 2 - 3 hour visit plus the co-pay. I am not sure I would've gone and just sucked it up had I known that my insurance wasn't going to cover that much.

    Keep your spirits up!

  4. Mmm, bills. I went to the ER for basically nothing but a whooping cough diagnosis, and I paid $900.Great that you're running outside - IMO, if you don't enjoy it - why do it? You obviously love racing, and that's outdoors, so I think this is the perfect solution. Keep it up!

  5. Hope you get your mojo back soon! Your "off" week is so much more productive than my "on" weeks. :)


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