Friday, April 10, 2015

Week in Review (March 31 - April 6)

Tuesday (18,829 steps) - Leisurely stroll on the treadmill and a total body workout video.
Wednesday (13,953 steps) - Run Club! Ran with Heather again for a super awesome (2?) miles.
Thursday (21,321 steps) - 4+ miles on the treadmill. I have no recollection of this run, but based on pace, I either did hills or it just didn't go that well. I did another total body video.
Friday (13,088 steps) - Literally did NOTHING.
Saturday (38,881 steps) - Three Creeks half marathon. You can read the recap here.

I have NO recollection of the rest of the day. We went grocery shopping, and at some point, the kids and Batman Sour dyed Easter eggs.

Sunday (14,760 steps) - Up before dawn to volunteer at the Westminster trail races! We had to be there by 6 am. It was pretty darn chilly when we first arrive, hence the winter wear. We assisted in handing out packets (there were three distances - 5k, 10k and half marathon) and then we manned the first/last aid station for a few hours. Once they were actually BUSY, the kids did a great job.

Surprisingly, WORKING a race isn't that much exercise. A and I took a walk around the lake in the afternoon.

I did some yoga later that night - hoping to loosen up my legs and tight muscles. Batman Sour was NOT amused.

Monday (19,564 steps) - Stroll on the treadmill to show off the INKnBURN shirt I finally got (after almost a YEAR of hoping someone would resell or trade me for it...

I had hoped to do more yoga when I got home but I was having some screwy internet issues and I couldn't even get my phone to load a video. I managed to get maybe 10 minutes in, but nothing to write home about. Trying to take it easy this week because my legs are worse than ever.

  • 140,396 steps
  • 19.7 miles run
  • Some walking, no real cross training
  • 69 minutes of strength/stretching
Everything Else
  • Hit my 90 days this week and I'm still employed :D - I guess they like me just as much as I like them?
  • This was a super boring week. There is nothing else.


  1. Wow, A is totally catching you height-wise!

    Nice Ink n Burn shirt, I hadn't seen that one!

  2. I guess this serves as my reminder to go volunteer for a race - I haven't done so in awhile.

  3. It makes me so happy to see you are happy at your new job. You deserve it!!


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