Monday, April 27, 2015

Week in Review (April 14 - April 20)

Tuesday (14,746 steps) - Now that A has ridden with me a few times while I run, I'm excited that I might be able to get out of the gym a bit more. The weather had been a little sketchy, but I didn't see any rain in the forecast so I opted to load A's bike in my car (no easy feat since I drive a Mini) and head to Sloan's lake.

A got super panicky with all of the dark clouds and thought there was going to be a tornado and asked if we could turn around about a half mile in. Well... it was a nice idea. Maybe next time. Did a total body video when I got home. 
Wednesday (21,540 steps) - A was begging to get a hair cut. There was no wait so I got her in before heading to the gym where I got in a bit over 4 miles.

Thursday (17,911 steps) - 55 minutes on the CrossRamp. Not super fun and/or interesting, but good to get some other types of cardio in? Then I tried the new Fitness Blender abs video - I have NO CORE STRENGTH. 33 minutes of realizing how ridiculously weak I am.
I'm trusting A to start picking out my workout clothes (because I'm lazy, and she has pretty good taste)
Friday (16,595 steps) - Pizza Friday!!!
Saturday (17,505 steps) - L convinced me to go to the gym with her. AND to do the elliptical. I kinda hate the elliptical but suffered through 65 minutes. And I GUESS it wasn't the worst ever. I GUESS.
Probably not my most brilliant idea to wear long sleeves to the gym. So hot!
Sunday (33,562 steps) - Desert RATS trail half marathon!

Long drive back to Denver and we stopped in Glenwood again - this time, for delicious pizza!

Monday (20,819 steps) - 45 minutes on the elliptical (yes, again). At home another total body video.

  • 142,678 steps
  • 18.4 miles run
  • 165 minutes of cross training (might be a record!)
  • 77 minutes of strength/stretching (also pretty good!)
Everything Else
  • Don't feel like it is anything serious, but my legs have been a little angry this week so I backed off the running for a bit but still made sure to get some cardio in. Will really have to monitor this and see how it goes.
  • Nothing else...


  1. I have a friend who has her kids playing "water boy" on their bikes while she runs!

  2. Now that I have one pair on InkNBurn shorts I think I need more, I look at all your cute gear and love it, InkNBurn may be a new addiction I didn't need :) I am thinking I need the new lace shorts

    1. Yes... once I found INKnBURN I was not able to stop. Just a warning... Search for the INKnBURN fan and resale group on facebook and you can probably score some of the older styles they no longer make. There are always things coming up for sale there.

    2. I found it :) I can't believe how obsessed I am with getting more InkNBurn. Thinking I may get the dragonfly shorts and I need a tank of some sort.. my checking account is about to be sad.. As an ambassador do you get a discount code to share? I could only find old ones that don't work :(
      Thinking about applying to be an ambassador after I build up my InkNBurn wardrobe, are there some good perks to that?

  3. Love A's new cut! Perfect for Spring/Summer. :)


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