Thursday, April 9, 2015

Three Creeks Half Marathon (Race Recap)

Saturday, April 4
Denver, CO
Half Marathon #128
Colorado Half #128
Weather - Sunny, nice

The Three Creeks half marathon was an inaugural race this year, put on by Racing Underground (they are the ones that put on the Ralston Creek half marathon I have run the last four years). The race was announced last fall and we registered on Black Friday (opening registration day). With a price tag of $60, it was a pretty reasonable race for Denver.

My dad came over at 6:30 race morning so that we could head out and get to Cherry Creek High School by 7. We assumed an hour would be plenty of time to use the bathroom and pick up our bibs. What we didn't really remember was the walk took about 10 minutes each way. So by the time we used the bathroom, got our bibs, and got back to the car it was already 7:40. I felt panicky and rushed and felt like I had to pee again. We got near the start about five minutes before 8 and the bathroom line was LONG. Luckily, it moved quickly and the race started right as we headed to the start.

UNFORTUNATELY, that meant that Heather didn't wait for me (we had made plans to run together). I didn't have my iPod and L and I were the last to cross the line. L took off immediately and I was alone, with no music.

Coming off all sorts of aches and pains and little running, I had low expectations for the race. I tried to take it easy the first mile, but I could feel that my legs were already tight and tired. I had a feeling I was in for a long day.

I managed to make it through the first mile without walking...

Dan got an awesome shot of me - not even sure where this was on the course, but it was early
And then it was pretty much all downhill from there. (Not literally, this course did not feel especially "flat and fast" to me. I started taking walk breaks. A lot of walk breaks. It got to the point where I don't even know that I was really feeling THAT bad, I was just... tired and achy and not really into it? The course was a little barren, I was in the very back of the pack and I was... mentally bored and agitated?

Some of the course was hard packed dirt, some of it was bike path. Finally there was a turn around section and I saw Heather and Lisa. Mile 5-6 was pretty much the only mile where I ran and actually felt good. There was another out and back section at mile 6. At the loop turnaround I saw a coyote. That was probably the best part of my race. He was pretty cute. He was a bit too far away to get a good picture.

Mile 8 or 9 is pretty much where I gave up. Lots and lots and LOTS of walking.

This was mentally one of the "longest" half marathons I have ever run. I kept telling myself that this was no big deal, I have done this distance literally hundreds of times... why why why was this time so unfun? I could see the finish line from mile 12. That last mile lasted an eternity.

Garmin Time - 2:32:55
Official Time - 2:32:54
Overall Place - 503
Gender Place - 296
Division Place - 57
Official 5k - 37:23 (this is almost TEN MINUTES slower than my PR)
Official 10k - 1:12:29
Official 10 mile - 1:57:37
Mile 1 - 10:26
Mile 2 - 11:58
Mile 3 - 11:34
Mile 4 - 11:46
Mile 5 - 11:22
Mile 6 - 10:47
Mile 7 - 11:23
Mile 8 - 11:35
Mile 9 - 12:19
Mile 10 - 11:39
Mile 11 - 11:27
Mile 12 - 12:41
Mile 13 - 11:51
Mile 13.2 - 10:32

We hung around a bit at the finish talking to Jim and Cheryll and the Runners Roost people. Like usual, we couldn't hang around too long because we needed to go pick up the kids.


  • Outfit turned out to be ok. I was concerned the skirt wasn't going to work out well. I've put on about 10 pounds since last summer (yeah yeah yeah, maybe that is why I am not tracking weight). I was glad to have arm sleeves, I left them on the entire race. I kept gloves for about 4-5 miles.
  • Course measured long for everyone. Won't get into the argument over GPS, but I measured the "shortest" at 13.2.
  • Course was well-marked. Plenty of aid stations. I didn't bring my own water and I was fine. They had Hammer gels at 2 or 3 aid stations. Maybe other things? I already don't remember. I should not have waited so long to recap this.
  • Didn't really care for the course. The terrain was "varied" but it was just not "scenic" for me. Early April is a tough time in Colorado... everything was pretty brown :(
  • Packet pick up was easy enough, I guess I didn't realize it would take SO LONG to get our stuff. They did have bag drop, but I needed stuff out of the car anyway so that would not have helped.
  • Cool race shirt in gender specific sizes (black 1/4 zip with the race logo as a crest) - no picture AGAIN because I'm lazy.
  • Nice medal and ribbon
  • GREAT post race! They had soda (LOVE), water, Propel AND it was catered by Noodles & Company.
  • Prizes, if I were fast enough, were AWESOME. AG winners got growlers with the race logo on them!
  • Overall a great event. I just wish "I" had been great....


  1. Eh. Everyone has those races sometimes. You'll probably kill the next one!

  2. The finisher's medal certainly looks good. Sorry to hear you didn't have a good race. After your recent 60+ ultra though, I would figure you might have some residual tiredness. Colorado looks a lot like Utah in April as well.

  3. I was in Colorado that week and had planned for this race to be my Colorado race toward my 50-in-50. Alas, my bitch hip didn't cooperate. I DNS'd.


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