Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week in Review (Dec. 31 - Jan. 6)

Tuesday - New Years Double "Eve" marathon. An uneventful New Year's Eve, as for the third year in a row I did not make it until midnight.
Wednesday - New Years Double "Day" marathon. After lunch/showering, we had to drive back to Austin from Dallas. LONG, LONG, LONG drive.
Thursday - Lisa had to work, so I spent most of the day on the couch watching a Criminal Minds marathon and dozing off. That night, 1ish mile sloooww around the neighborhood with Lisa. I finally got to see A for the night, and we played a fun game of "Beat the Parents" (which, by the way, THE PARENTS WON):

Friday - Lisa had to work again, so I dropped her off at work. Spent part of the morning watching more crime tv before I finally decided to go for a quick run - on the Brushy Creek trail. Legs felt pretty good and I knocked out a fairly solid 3.3 miles.
Lisa had a date, so I took my oldest niece to go see the Hunger Games. We went to a 9:40 showing, and holy cow, did you know it didn't get out until after midnight?? I'm too old for this.
Saturday - Again, spent a lot of the day on the couch, resting. Mid afternoon, we headed towards downtown, where we ran by Town Lake. First 1.5ish was slow run/walk with Lisa and then I just had to get some real running in and ran other 2/3 of a mile. Wish I would have had more time for this one, it was a great trail. So pretty!
Last "kid free" night, so we went out to the karaoke bar. Surprisingly, I can spend about one evening with the ex without my head exploding. Apparently, I'm the only one that didn't know we were doing goofy face pictures:

Sunday - Repeat couch time. FAAAAAAST mile around the neighborhood before decided to go "hiking" near Georgetown on the San Gabriel trail with Lisa and my niece. They called it a "hike" - but really, 99% of it was paved and it was mostly flat. So maybe, I should just call it a long and windy walk?
Monday - Initially, I had planned on heading to the gym and trying to knock out 5-6 miles. Then,  my ex called to say he was dropping off A earlier than expected. I ended up just doing a mile around the neighborhood. Rest of the time in Austin spent packing and going to the airport. Flight delayed (what a shock), and by the time L picked us up it was already almost 7:00. So glad I chose to fly in on the "early" flight or I could have ended up not getting back until the middle of the night. Rounded out the #eatallthethings vacation with pizza. Delicious.

Weekly Miles Run - 61.83 (8.49 outside, 53.34 racing)
Weekly Cross Training - 6.3 miles hiking
Minutes of Strength Training - ZERO (I failed big time this week)

Weekly Gain - 2.0 pounds 
  • I'm actually a little surprised it isn't worse. But... what that DOES mean is that I've gained about 6 pounds in the last month. I've historically never had this happen over the holidays, I typically maintain pretty well.
  • Related: I don't care. I enjoyed a lot of foods I normally skip over due to "being bad" for me.
  • Related: I must have had GALLONS of beer on vacation. GALLONS.
  • Related: Back on track now that I am back from vacation and things are going to go back to as "normal" as they ever get.

 Everything Else
  • Back at work, and still the only legal assistant. All of the attorneys are SUPER HAPPY to see me. What that means is I have a crap-ton of work to do. Apparently, time stood still while I was gone.
  • Related: There was a woman interviewing this morning - CROSSING MY FINGERS.
  • Related: Apparently, our firm is relocating to another building, about a mile south of here. What that means for me is a longer commute, actually having to drive INTO the city, instead of being able to park on the outskirts, and my "cheap" lot is waaaay too far for me to continue to park in. The move is rumored to happen by April 1. I am very unhappy about this, as this will end up costing me at least $10 more in parking, and of course, longer and more angry commute. Sigh.
  • Still haven't heard on the interview I went on before Christmas. Still hoping that it was just really busy over the holidays and I will  hear something soon?
  • Noooooooooothing else.


  1. is it bad I am bummed you don't have a dating update? I gained weight over the holidays too and am now working to reverse it and make my jeans more comfy again :)

  2. Ew for the longer commute/wore parking. That sucks.

  3. all your outdoor photos from your Texas trip are GORGEOUS!!! Congrats again on your double marathon back to backs. I can say that will never be a goal of mine.

  4. if only i had known about all the pretty trails when I was in austin! sorry about the job :(


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