Friday, January 31, 2014

January Review

This was the most interesting month yet, as I was out of town for part of the month (the first 6 days I was in Texas and I was also in SoCal for three days) AND, I got ZERO money from the ex this month, so everything is based on 100% my income.

Household Bills (Mortgage & Electricity) - $800.76 (My half)
Car (Loan & Insurance) - $786.67 (2 car payments this month because of due dates, plus car insurance went up)
Netflix - $8.27
Credit Card Payments - $216.74
Savings, Investments - $110.00 (this is up!!)
Insurance (Life, A's Health) - $129.40
Dad (Money I owe him and cell phone) - $150.00
Gym Membership & Childcare - $42.71 (this went up too)
Race Registration - $92.00 (I registered for 2 races, a 1/2 for... NEXT January, and the Bear Chase 50k)
Groceries - $210.39 (A bit higher this month, I bought more produce and stockpiled some frozen foods)
Beer (Store & Bar) - $18.00 (WHAT. Well, I didn't have the money for it. Lowest amount since I've tracked, by FAR)
Dining Out - $66.53 (I think 100% of this is from when I was out of town)
Parking - $114.75
Gas - $34.66 (Having ZERO money means I go ZERO places, which apparently means gas lasts FOREVER)
Other - $110.38 (Non-grocery items, seeing Hunger Games with my niece, roller skating, a DVD, and filing my taxes)

According to this particular month, I have discovered I can get by without the (much needed) help from my ex, but JUST BARELY. I will be paying off my credit cards with my tax refund, which will help a bit. Other than that, I do not see anywhere else I can make budget cuts. I refuse to give up my weekly froyo unless I for real have ZERO dollars to pay for it. Not QUITE there yet.

Tracking is a bit... fun. I think I'll do it another month, just to see.


  1. I can't believe when exes don't pay a single dollar. Who can not even give $10? That would at least show he tried. He leaves you with no choice other than to figure it out yourself. You can not just say, sorry kid, no money this month! I hope your financial situation gets better very soon, you are doing a great job!!

  2. Very frustrating! Hope the ex makes it up!

  3. wow. still in awe that you can track it. i'm the laziest ever. and i don't really want to know because I think I would be disgusted with myself....ooh, but you just gave me a lent idea.


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