Sunday, January 5, 2014

Week in Review (Dec. 24 - Dec. 30)

Tuesday - Christmas Eve. I ran a decently warm 6.7 miles along another section of Clear Creek trail that I've never run. Not super scenic and like usual, struggled a bit. Running with L is definitely like doing speed work. SHE IS THE FASTEST.
Wednesday - Christmas Day and the weather was once again nice enough for a run outside. L and I picked Big Dry Creek, and we knocked out a pretty tough 6.3 miles. For REAL, running with her is the hardest.
After our run we sat around and watched tv and then we headed over to Jessa's house for Christmas dinner. She went all out and made a TON of food. We were so full after eating that we could barely move. L dozed off a bit and Jessa and I stole Jackson's Lego's and build the Vampyre Hearse. These Lego kits are COMPLICATED. Holy crap, that took HOURS. Had more beer once I got home.

Thursday - 2.5 miles on the treadmill at the gym. I think it was ok, I don't remember. Also did the video trifecta (legs, arms, core)
Friday - 1 mile in the basement inferno. Zero recollection if this was good, bad or otherwise.
Saturday - Last run of the year in Colorado. The weather was really pretty great again and L and I ran a new section of Ralston Creek in west Arvada. Solid 7 mile run. Will really miss these runs when I have to get back on the treadmill when A gets back from Texas.
L had to nap so she would be able to drive me to the airport, so I sat around watching tv before heading to the airport. It magically started snowing, and even though my flight was supposed to leave at 9:50 pm, my flight would eventually be delayed THREE HOURS. This resulted in me sitting at the airport bar until close, spending an OBSCENE amount of money on beer. I barely remember my flight.

Sunday - What. A. Long. Day. I felt like shit all day after all my drinking at the bar. With my flight not getting in until almost 4 am, I didn't get much sleep and spent most of the day nauseous and wanting to die. Managed to squeeze in a mile-ish run with A around the neighborhood. SUPER chilly.
Monday - Wasn't really in the mood for a long run, you know, tapering for DOUBLE MARATHONS. Lisa had to work a few hours, so I ran a mile-ish in by her work. IT WAS THE HARDEST MILE EVER. Really really really really REALLY dreading the DOUBLE MARATHONS I was stupid enough to sign up for. For REAL, there is something wrong with me.

Weekly Miles Run - 34.55 (3.5 treadmill, 31.05 outside)
Minutes of Strength Training - 30 (ouch)

Gain/Loss - ?!? It's a MYSTERY!!! NO WEIGH IN.
  • First off, it's the holidays. Second, I've been out of town since the 28th. I am sure there has been a gain, but I didn't even bother with a weigh in, so I have no idea what it might be.
  • The biggest culprit of the week? BEER, BEER, BEER, AND MORE BEER.
  • I've been super hungry lately, but that isn't necessarily out of the ordinary. I didn't eat nearly as "clean" as usual, and I think that was showing in my laziness. Ohhhhh welllls. It's the HOLIDAYS.

Everything Else 
  • So, there was a secretary hired. And she worked one day. And never came back.
  • Related: When are they going to recognize my manager is A CRAZY PERSON and eliminate the REAL problem in our firm??
  • Related: I will deserve a medal of honor if I survive my employment without my head exploding and/or me snapping.


  1. We have a couple of people where I work that drive other people off and while they get "talked" to it seems like nothing ever changes really.

    Glad you got in some great run and didn't miss your flight after all the beer ;)

  2. When I worked in recruiting, I always heard that people join a company and leave a manager. It's amazing how many nutjobs are out there in positions of authority.

  3. What Jennifer said. Bad managers can ruin everything. Remember that time I worked for the dumbest human in the universe?

    L IS the fastest.

  4. how in the hell does no one realize when someone works one day and never comes back!?!? i really hope you can find another job soon that is better for you. i too avoided the scale. it's the holidays! enjoy! and now I pay for it.


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