Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What's to LOVE About Running??

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Well, in honor of the lovey dovey holiday of Valentine's Day. The things I love about running:

1. The crazy people I have met because of it. I heart the internet and I heart my frunner friends!!

OZ half marathon with L and B
Post DC half marathon with friends I met in Greece
SoCal Ragnar Team 2012!
Team Badass at Tinker Bell half
2. The clothes! (Look what I got today!)

I have tried the LuluAid. And it's fabulous.
Neon NEON orange shirt and jacket? Thanks J! xoxo
3. I like the "alone" time of running. Even if I am running with someone else, I still find I can empty my head a bit. And I like that.

4. The glory!

Vegas half 2010
Tinker Bell half 2012

Lost Dutchman Marathon 2011
Great Wall of China Marathon 2011
6. The challenge. I find a lot of things in life either boring, easy, or easy enough to fake. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FAKING IN RUNNING. Think you can half-ass train a 50 miler? No. You can't. I like that there is constantly something to strive for. When will I hit my ceiling? I have no clue. I'm crazy like that.

**As an aside**

In a little over two weeks I will have my first DNS. I had been putting off purchasing airfare for RnR NoLA because it was expensive. Well, heads up. It never got any cheaper over the last year. Everyone else booked their airfare weeks ago, and now if I were to try and book the same flights I'm seriously looking at close to $400. That's crazy. So, yes, I have my financial limits. I'm totally bummed because now I'll be a state short of my goal, but man. I cannot justify that much money for a 24 hour turnaround.


  1. Great idea for a VD post!

    With 12 in 2012 I'm learning more so than ever that the airfare can be a deal breaker. Every time I buy a plane ticket I'm sure the price will go down afterwards but if I wait it may go up...ugh!

  2. Great post! Sorry about the DNS, maybe you can find another race there?

    Why I love running: http://www.dreambigrunner.com/2012/02/what-i-love-about-running.html

  3. bummer on the dns. Sorry about the Luluaid. I got started a year ago and now stalk their website, thankfully there are no stores near me. I own 4 skirts though and love love love them all!

  4. Great post!

    Sorry about your DNS. I hear ya on flights. That really sucks!

  5. So jealous of the lulu skirt...one day I will own something from there!

    I tweeted to you about hotels in Metairie, LA. If the cost of the flight to BR and the rental car is worth it, staying in a hotel in Metairie near the Interstate (I-10) or Airline Highway is going to be super cheap. It's literally 10-15 min from downtown. I'm originally from there and I'd hate to see you not get a chance to go. If you have any questions email me: abby.arta@gmail.com

    You should check it out. I'm going to have to have a DNS for the RnR DC bc I got into the NYC Half. It sucks.

    Either way, hope it works out!

  6. love your post! our reasons are similar :) and so so bummed about new orleans. i was looking forward to hanging out again :(:( did you check flights to biloxi? its not far of a drive.

  7. boo boo boo to DNS. We have similar reasons as well.

  8. Awesome post. Just randomly found your blog through mine looking at an old post! Glad I did since I have just started doing a bit of distance running myself. Did my first 1/2 last month! Anyway, hi!

  9. So sorry to hear about the airfare woes! That's terrible, so sad you'll have to DNS! Don't you wish travel was all free??


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