Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Warm Fuzzies.

Thank you so much everyone for your comments on my last blog post. It helps a TON.

On a related subject... If anyone, and I mean ANYONE is interested in pacing me for my 100 - let me know. Race starts Saturday, March 24 and the cutoff is Sunday at 1:00.

On another Warm Fuzzy note:

I GOT MY RUFFLED LULULEMON SKIRT!!!!!!! I am beyond excited to try this out... maybe this weekend, although it is supposed to be stupid cold and possibly snowy again. Colorado... >:(


  1. i am so DAMN JEALOUS of this skirt!!!!! i wish i didn't know it existed! haha

  2. I blogged a few weeks ago about converting to the skirt this year and shopping for one. That's the skirt! That is the one I want :)

  3. I got that one too and I love it, now could it just warm up so I can wear it running and not just around the house. So cute!

  4. I have way too much backside for that Lulu skirt but I saw it in the store and it is adorable!

    I hope you find a pacer! I volunteered to pace at a local 100 miler and it was a great experience. I was that girl who was searching on the race FB group for someone who wanted a pacer so you really never know!

    I forgot to mention this yesterday, but you can also email the RD to see if any of the volunteers is willing to pace someone at some point.


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