Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two Picture Tuesday

I honestly never buy race pictures. They are SO expensive. But... Running Guru sorta rocks because they will let you buy a digitial picture for only 99 cents. I'm ok with that. So... here are the two finish line pictures of A at the Panerathon 5k we ran on Sunday. LOVE.THESE.


  1. Of course you had to buy those, how could you not? And 99 cents is a fantastic deal!

    She is too adorable with a bib. Look how gigantic it looks on her! Love it!

  2. 99 cents is awesome- went to their website to see upcoming events in my area- they are doing the Ragnar! Thanks for the tip.

    and not that you needed to hear, but those pics are adorable!

  3. ahh! she is so freaking cute. I know I always say that-but really-she is :):) um, is that the photo company that did that race? i wish they did ALL of them. I want cheaper pics.

  4. OMG I am in LOOOOOOOVE with your blog! Thanks for following me over at bostondreampie.blogspot.com


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