Friday, September 23, 2011

Final Five About the Fifty

1. Very last (I promise) run before the race. A munchkin mile with A:

Check out her new running shoes!
2. My toe has been HURTING the last day or so. After self-diagnosing through Google (don't we ALL do this?) I am pretty sure I have an ingrown toenail. I tried to do some "fixing" myself. Man. It's gonna suck if this doesn't magically heal itself.

Yes, I know I need a pedicure.
3. I was finalizing my playlist. 135 songs won't even come CLOSE to covering the whole race, but better than nothing. Doesn't it seem like it would take FOREVER to listen to that many songs?? My pump song of the race?

4. I pick up my packet in like 2 hours. TwoHours.

5. The bling is AMAZING.

The one on the left? The 50 mile one? Yeah. I'll be getting one. (I hope)


  1. Good luck, good luck, good luck! I know you can do it. (It does sound awful to me, but I'm not running 50 miles, right?)

  2. I have such major butterflies now! I mean it is HERE. You get your packet so soon!!

    Have a great time. I can't wait to hear how you kicked ass with Nick Carter. Hopefully you have ample NKOTB on that playlist!

  3. Good luck! Get excited!

    I'm quickly realizing that 50 milers are a big deal out here (new to CO!) and this one is just a few miles from our apt so I just might have to venture out on Sunday!

  4. Woot!Woot! You are going to do awesome!!

  5. and i totally added that nick carter to my play list! you are going to ROCK it. You will also be the first REAL PERSON I KNOW to accomplish such a goal!

  6. You are gonna rock it!

    As far as the toe thingy, maybe try soaking your foot in Epson salts and warm water if you haven't already. That helped me when I had an ingrown toe nail.
    Whoooooo good luck!

  7. Goooooood luck!!!!! Weeeeeee!

  8. You go girl!!!! Good luck, hope your toe is better


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