Friday, September 9, 2011

Fast and the Fabulous!

Munchkin Mile with A. Originally I was wearing the pink dot skirt, but A says "Mom, I know you have this same skirt, you should change." Yes, ma'am.

Her fastest loop EVER! 14:30, and with how long we run, her average pace was 13:05. Rock star!! Her sprint at the end? Super impressive... right around 7:30 pace for the last 20 seconds or so.

I followed this run up with my RLRF long run:

MP, WK3, KR3
Goal - 13 miles @ MP (10:42)
Actual - 13.16 miles @ 10:33
Total - 13.16 in 2:19:00


  1. I'm amazed how much she loves running!! :)

  2. She is adorable! She is quite the runner chick!

  3. Love that you have matching skirts! I know I will have to get my daughter matching skirts with me soon. :)

  4. Wish I could get my kids to run with me!!

  5. SERIOUSLY! So cool. Just wait 'til her legs are longer and her mile splits will be insane! (They already are as a little kid, but she'll be amazing to watch as she gets older & if she still wants to do it!)

  6. I'm glad you changed. She was really right on that one. I mean hello?? Matchy Matchy!


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