Friday, September 30, 2011

September Stats (Rewind)

Miles Run - 157.56. My highest mileage month of the year!! Obviously almost a third of that is from my 50 miler. I really do like the RLRF program, even IF it isn't actually making me faster. I think it IS making me stronger.
Races Run - 6 (1 50 miler!, 1 20 miler, 2 half marathons, 3 5ks)
PR's Set - TWO!! Of course my first 50 mile and 20 mile races were PRs since I've never run that distance before.
Minutes of Plank - 120. Yes, I spent TWO HOURS the month of September doing planks. I think I'll stick with 4 minute sessions for next month. It's still tough the last 45 seconds.

October is going to be a CRAZY month:

So yeah. There's that. LotsAndLots of running. But. The good news is that today I was able to run for 3.76 miles without my legs giving out. Do not feel anywhere close to 100%, but feel pretty recovered from my 50 miler. Woot!


  1. AWESOME ... AWESOME month! Wow, great mileage and two PR's ... incredible! Congrats!!!

  2. Wow!! Great month! You are truly an inspiration! Keep up the work!

  3. You're making my feet hurt!

    I am jealous though. I have no race this weekend (2 weekends in a row now) and it is killing me.

  4. Holy cow, that's some great numbers!! 4-minute planks? Yikes! I do a little dance when I can make it a full minute. You are very inspiring, I will try to do more planks and strive to be better...even though I hate them.

    Congrats on the two PRs and good luck tomorrow at the 5K!


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