Thursday, September 8, 2011

(More Than) Three Things Thursday

1. RLRFs

KR1; track repeats. Should have been done Monday, but the daycare at the gym was closed on Labor Day. Yes I would have done these even though I did a half the day before. This week the goal was 8x800s with 1:30 RIs. I really thought it would be terrible, but it wasn't NEARLY as bad as the 10x400s. And I met all my goals. Rad.

KR2; mid-tempo run. Sucked. So bad. Well, not THAT bad, but I still think these are way more difficult than a 20 miler or intervals. Bleh. But, I made my pace, so that is good.

2. Matchy, matchy race shirt for Kick Box on Tuesday:

Yep. We sure do go to the gym wearing matching clothes. This one was from the third (and last) Bolder Boulder 10K race, 2010.

3. School. Rocks. I have received As on all graded assignments. Thanks to bringing my textbooks to Cali and doing my readings (ONLY on the plane, I swear), I didn't get behind. Can't believe I'm already done with the first 3 weeks. Crazy!!

4. A - loving her dance and gymnastics classes. And her newest Sparkle Skirt:

5. Finally got my medals all hung up (well, only the Coast to Coast didn't fit):

6. Cooler weather = BOOTS!!

7. A had her Girl Scout meeting tonight. She had a blast doing arts and crafts for 90 minutes. Meanwhile, I may have signed up to be a Troop Leader...

8. Have you been on the Razzy Roo site lately? Use the 10% discount code and link at the top of my page and pick up some gear for your next race... AWESOME headbands, socks, tutus... it's all there!


  1. wow look at that impressive medal collection! it looks great like that!

    you should be proud of what you have accomplished so far!

    I have that same top on the first pic and I love it!!

  2. Your medal collection is AWESOME.

    As a troop leader, do you get discounts on cookies? Because that might be enough to get me to sign up. hahahhaha

  3. I'm so jealous - I haven't even touched running shoes since I packed them up in California. Tomorrow I have Warrior Dash, so I guess that will be my reintroduction to half training.

    COOKIES!!!! I should probably never be a troop leader - it would surely make me get really fat!

  4. LOVE the medals, they look so organized and pretty. Well done!


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