Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Disneyland Half Marathon (Race Recap)

Anaheim, CA
Sunday, September 4
Half Marathon #42
State #34
Weather - Overcast, low 60s

If you missed the recap of the 5k that A and I ran the day before, you can read about it here. I registered for the Disneyland half marathon the day registration opened. So yeah, back in January. Heather had spent the night at our hotel so we could all walk over together. We had to get up pretty early, at 4:10. (Although I looked at Disney Princess recap and we were up over an HOUR earlier for that one). I had hoped to be out the door and to the starting area by 5:00 to get our picture taken with the Half Fanatics. Turned out we just missed the picture by a few minutes. Dang it! But we *did* run into Fruit Fly and Biker Boy on our walk to the start. Which is pretty strange considering HOW MANY PEOPLE are at Disney. We ran into her a LOT without planning it. We also ran into Dave, which meant... picture!!

L, Me, Dave, Fruit Fly, Heather
Heather and Fruit Fly left to meet up with Rose in Corral C (or D) and L and I made a quick stop at the port-o-potty before heading to Corral A. Don't even ask, I have NO idea how I ended up waaaay up there in the front. Our costumes must have been pretty awesome because we had more than one person stop to take our picture. Thanks! In addition to Brightroom, one of the Running Skirts husbands took our picture too.

It was PURE CHAOS getting to where we needed to go. By the time we got to our corral, there was only about 15 minutes until the start. This is the way to do a race... walk there and don't sit around for hours. View from the start line:

We crossed the line only a minute or two after the gun went off. Clearly I was not in the right corral. L had decided to run with me (we WERE dressed as a "set"), and we got SMOKED in that first mile. The nice thing was that we didn't experience the congestion issue that we did with Princess. I was a bit distracted because my little blue ribbon on my collar kept coming untied! At least I had it pinned down. I also had a bit of cramping in my left calf, but it luckily worked itself out before it got too annoying. The first mile was outside the park, but LOTS of crowd support already out, even though it wasn't even 7:00 yet. Then we entered the park. I'm glad L agreed to do character pictures with me!

The park is obviously the best part of the race. Being in the "fast" corral, not that many people were stopping for pictures, so the lines were NOT long at all. Usually we only had to wait for one or two people before we were up. I was a bit bummed that there weren't more characters out. There were TONS out at Princess. And quite a few of the floats/characters weren't even allowing pictures. What's up with that??

By mile 4 we are already outside the park and by then we are running right into the sun. It's starting to warm up! I was really surprised by all the support on the course. I have been struggling so much during races lately, it was nice to have that. There were dancers, cheerleaders, it was awesome!

Around mile 6 I have to stop to use the bathroom, but I was still feeling pretty great. My awesome Tweedledee name tag I had pinned to my back fell off somewhere between mile 6 and 7. Bummer :(

I didn't know what else was on the course except running through Angels stadium. We came up on the Honda Center, and I guess I thought THAT was the stadium. So imagine my disappointment when we do this weird run through the parking lot. Heh. But that WAS where a TON of crowd support was. I especially enjoyed the teenage boys doing the can-can. Hilarious.

Then we leave the lot and continue the run on a dirt trail by this super creepy and dirty canal. On the other side? Barbed wire. Clearly not the best part of town... but I can see the "A" in the distance, and I'm pretty excited. I want to see myself on the jumbo tron!

Check out all the fans!!
Heading into the stadium, look, there's L to the right!
I will admit, I was PUMPED to enter the stadium. I felt famous or something. So many people screaming and cheering. It was AWESOME!!

I had hoped to get a picture of us on the jumbo tron but by the time I figured out where the photographer was, I missed it :( Oh, well. Then we headed out and then I knew, 4 miles (roughly) to go, and then we are done. I'm really glad that L is running with me. I am pacing better and I am more motivated to not walk. I mean, she IS running slower to hang out with me.

The next few miles I feel AWESOME. There is a slight downhill and we are moving a bit faster. I finally start to struggle a bit as we get closer to Disney, around mile 12. I had a few "rabbits" in my sights that I really wanted to beat. By then, my legs were toast. I managed to NOT walk (thanks, L), but I really didn't have anything left to pass them. Boo. Here is one of the only race pictures... (L is saying "NO MAN LEFT BEHIND!!)

Obviously no where near a PR, but compared to how I have run/felt the last few months, I am SUPER HAPPY with this race. I got to run with L (did you know this is the FIRST half we have EVER run together?) and it was great. I felt good, I liked how many compliments we got on our costumes, and I had FUN. Which has NOT been the case lately.

Chip time - 2:16:37
5k - 35:08
10k - 1:08:02
15k - 1:38:55
Overall Place - 3409/12785
Gender Place - 1557/8368
Division Place - 280/1410
Garmin time - 2:16:37
Garmin distance - 13.24 miles
Garmin pace - 10:19
Mile 1 - 10:04
Mile 2 - 10:38
Mile 3 - 12:40
Mile 4 - 10:17
Mile 5 - 10:07
Mile 6 - 11:04
Mile 7 - 9:48
Mile 8 - 10:04
Mile 9 - 10:04
Mile 10 - 10:02
Mile 11 - 9:44
Mile 12 - 9:45
Mile 13 - 9:53
Mile 13.1 - 8:55

Coast to Coast Medal - AWESOME
Of Note:

  • I think my lowest average HR *ever* in a race - 160 bpm? I'm usually mid 170s or even higher
  • This might be the only time ever I have had negative splits!
  • No walking other than photo ops, 1 bathroom stop and water stations. Been MONTHS since that happened.
  • Fruit Fly's boyfriend, Biker Boy, is AWESOME. We saw him 3 or 4 times on the course. Thanks for cheering for us!!
After we leave the finisher area, we grab some food and sit down to eat while we wait for Rose and Fruit Fly and Heather. We get kicked OUT of the finisher area because we need to "keep it clear for those people finishing." Thanks, RunDisney.

We decide to hustle over to Downtown Disney to buy our Tweedledee & Tweedledum pins and figure by the time we get back they should be close to finishing. We find some open fence just past the mile 13 marker and watch the rest of the race. We saw Dave!

Love the red dot skirt!
We are starting to get worried... we would have thought they would have been done. I was JUST getting ready to text Heather to find out what was going on, when they crossed. I missed getting the picture :(

Walked over to the family reunion area and chatted a few minutes before heading back to the hotel.

Me, Heather, Rose, Fruit Fly, L
Fruit Fly and Biker Boy (who was the pack mule and carried all our stuff while we were racing, THANKS!!) headed back to their hotel, Rose headed back to her car, and the rest of us walked to our hotel. Quick showers and then Heather's husband picked us up and headed back to her place for PIZZA and SWIMMING. Well. The KIDS went swimming. The rest of us were smart enough to know the water was FREEZING and decided to stay on dry land.

We let the kids exert some energy for a while, then we drove down to the coast where we met up with a friend of ours to meet her new baby! However... everyone fell asleep in the car!

We woke up everyone but H (L stayed in the car with her), and the rest of us wandered around a park with an amazing ocean view.

A and Gabs found some dirt to play in. Almost as good as sand I think...

And while the adults watched some crazy acrobats in the trees (sorry no pictures, but this really DID happen), the kids played on this tree. According to A, it was the MOST AWESOME TREE EVAH!

I'd like to say we had a "quick" and "easy" dinner at In-n-Out... but it was neither.

Yep. That's the drive thru line.
Inside? Tiny.
Yep. That's all there was.
We stood outside and stared at people until they gave up their seating. Yes, we sure did. No need to sit around and socialize when there are a hundred people needing somewhere to eat. Seriously, whoever designed this location...

Heather was awesome enough to drop us at Downtown Disney for the kids to pick out their souvenirs. I had invited #2 over for a slumber party (her and A are BFFs), so she came too. We took them to "World of Disney" and I figured A would want ears:

I *loved* the Donald ears
But... she didn't. And it was VERY chaotic in the store. The kids both decided that they would rather have something from Build-a-Bear. I let A get an Ursula costume for one of her existing animals, and then she got this outfit for her favorite stuffed animal, Bunny:

First, I thought Bunny was a boy. Maybe not? Second, the first outfit she chose was a bikini. This one was much simpler to put on and take off. We walked back to the hotel just in time to make the firework show. Did I mention it is like a foot away from our hotel?

A kept saying she was going to stay up all night. She made it until 10:30... I didn't make it much longer.

I'm not going to do a separate blog for Monday. Kids actually stayed in bed until 7. By the time we gave the kids baths, packed, and got breakfast, my super awesome friend Heather was back picking us up to take us to the airport. Seriously, the chick is AWESOME.

So. Thoughts on California? SO FUN. I think I'll do it again. January, maybe :D


  1. I found your Blog a few days before the Disneyland 1/2 marathon last week and started reading. I ran the Disneyland and 1/2 on Sunday for the first time. It was awesome. Going back to do the Tinker Bell in January. I've enjoyed your Blog. Thank you for sharing. Congrats on all your accomplishments, and bling!

  2. I love reading race recaps!! Make me feel like I was right there! Sounds like it was tons of fun. Thats always the best part!

  3. I laughed so hard at your split times. Not at YOU - but at Team Jam. You did a 15Kfaster than we even wandered through 5 miles. No wonder you were worried about us. I think at times I forgot how to run. We were all talking so much and being so silly that I didn't even pay attention to the fact that we were in a race!

    Your Tweedle name tag was such a fun surprise for me to find - and right in the center of the road. I mean it was between the two parallel lines splitting the lanes!

    I'm glad you and L ran together. That has to make a Disney race that much more fun!

    Let's go do it again ... but maybe somewhere else. Somewhere not as hot.

  4. @Ronda...... San Fran!!!!!!! Do it!

  5. I managed to get a picture of myself on the jumbotron, but it came out all black. I don't think it photographs well.

    I still can't believe FruitFly found you name tag!!

    It was great to meet you!


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