Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Rewind

Miles Run - 134.05 (last January I was nursing a pulled muscle and ran less than 20 miles)
Races Run - 7 (4 half marathons, 10K, 5K, 1 mile)
PR's Set - 2 (1:58:30 at the First Light Half Marathon, 57:47 at the Bermuda 10K)
Minutes of Planks - 27

For the most part, January was a decent month (for running). I got in all my regular training runs. I didn't suffer any major injuries, although my shins/calves were bothering me toward the end of the month. I did, however, end the month with a NASTY head cold. I felt it coming on the day before the 3M half marathon, and a few days later, I'm still feeling it.

My only "new" goal for 2011 was to incorporate planks into a steady routine in hopes of getting SOME sort of abs. I have the weakest abs in the world. After a month of doing them (missing only 4 days out of the whole month!) I can honestly feel a difference. Maybe not in ab strength, but it sure isn't as hard to hold a plank for a minute as it used to be.

My next scheduled race is... The Lost Dutchman MARATHON. Yes, I am running the full 26.2. In less than three weeks. I'm a tad nervous about this one as I haven't done any distance training. I have a pretty solid schedule for running 13.1's, but nothing in place for the whole enchilada. Should be interesting to see how that one pans out.

Then of course... there is DISNEY!! Looking forward to that weekend for sure!


  1. I despise planks with all of my being. Most awful thing ever.

    I.am.so.psyched.for.DISNEY!! And SOOO excited to see you and A!!!!!

  2. DISNEY!!!


    I know you always have a race, but I think I didn't realize you had a marathon between now and Disney. You are so hard core!! :-)

  3. lot of miles, lot of races all in one month-GREAT JOB!

  4. Your 2nd marathon - Good luck!!! You will do great, you have a very solid base.

  5. Okay okay...what's a plank? I feel dumb already for asking :o)

  6. Such amazing stats for January! You rock lady! Love to read your blog! :)

  7. Yay on 134.05 miles in January! And double Yay on your second marathon in just three weeks! :)

  8. Great January! Keep up the good work!


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