Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What do you do Wednesday?

I read a comment on one of my posts asking what my workout schedule is like. Specifically what do I do before and after a "back to back" race weekend.

I've never used a training program of any kind. And unless I am unusually sore or tired or sick, this is my workout schedule almost every single week, even if I am doing a back to back. If I skip a workout, it's AFTER a race, usually the day after (so most likely a Monday).

Sunday - Usually off unless I am racing. If I'm super motivated, I might do a short run.
Monday - Treadmill at the gym. Try to get in 8-8.5 miles. For me that means I'm on the treadmill 80-85 minutes. I usually do a hill program for the first 60 minutes and then do increased speed for whatever time I have left.
Tuesday - BodyPump at the gym. I usually have 20 minutes or so after class for other cardio. I really hate the elliptical so usually I will do Crossramp. Sometimes I run. Depends on if I have any aches and pains or what my mood is.
Wednesday - Essentially the same as Monday. I used to do speed workouts (Yasso 800s), but it's been months since I've done those since my foot/ankle was bothering me last fall.
Thursday - Essentially the same as Tuesday.
Friday - Usually off, although sometimes I'll do a short run (30-60 minutes)
Saturday - Longish run if I'm in the mood or racing.

So you see... not much of a "plan" there. I try to get in at least 25 miles a week. I think that gives me a good enough base to where I can run at least a 13.1 without pain/injury.

Thanks for the question!


  1. This is a pretty awesome schedule.

    I used to hate pit stains, but that didn't stop them, so I decided to embrace them. Only when working out. Occasionally I get them from just existing, which is embarrassing.

  2. That was a great question!

    I like knowing you usually try for 25 miles. I hit 19 last week as my highest ever. Had I not been feeling like a weenie it would have been 21 but Friday night kinda freaked me out so I quit after 3 miles.

    ANYWAY, I hope to get to where 25 is achievable!

  3. Thank you so much for the great info! I am printing it out so I can refer to it as needed. Having a guideline from someone who races so much without serious injury is gold. Maybe a book is in your future?

  4. Great info! 25 miles/week is a great base!!


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