Friday, December 3, 2010

Some Like it Hot

So I decided I should run a few miles in the morning before work since I'll have on off day on Saturday in preparation for... Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas half marathon!

I picked out my outfit the night before.

I intentionally picked this skirt because I haven't worn it in a while and I needed to test out my old running belt (to be explained more after the race on Sunday). I looked pretty cute!

I drive to Lake Arbor. Early. I have to make sure I am back in time for L to go to work. It's still pretty dark when I get there. "Some Like it Hot" - did I mention that when I got out of the car at 6:30 am it was already 51 degrees?? That is NOT long sleeve weather. I had calculated in my head that I would probably only have time to run 3 laps to guarantee getting back in time. I was HOT. Whoever heard over low 50s in Colorado... in December... before the sun is even up?

All in all, the run was at best "ok." I was not really into it. Felt more like an obligation. Normally I should have enjoyed the sunrise and the fact that my path was empty. But... I was just sorta tired and blah. Really the only good part of the run was a lady saying "you look cute!" when I ran by. Yep... I really DID look cute today :D

Sun is up, and just look at all the geese!
I get home, and it was a good call for me to only do the three laps.

Loop 1 - 9:54 pace
Loop 2 - 9:32 pace
Loop 3 - 9:21 pace
Total - 3.76 miles, average pace per mile 9:36

Munchkin Mile... Take 2!

A saw me come in and asked if she could run with me... ok, we could do a quick run around the neighborhood. She changed into some running clothes:

She decided to also run in her running skirt (a real running skirt from SkirtSports!) - and check out her socks... she really IS a mini-Me.

So I figured we would try to run a mile again. With the warmer temps, and maybe since she just did it the other day, she was doing better. She kept telling me "I'm saving my breath Mama" and every time I would ask how she was doing she would say "Good!!"

Since we were running in the neighborhood, we had to cross a few streets. She LOVED holding hands and jogging through the intersections.

She ROCKED it this time! She made it until we were only a few blocks from the house (.9 miles done) before she needed to walk for a few seconds. From the time I started my watch until the time I stopped, we did 1.03 miles in 12:49!!! That's about a minute off her previous mile time. HOW AWESOME IS THAT???

Post Run!
A tells me - "I have rosy cheeks Mama... Now I need some water."

I wish Colorado weather would cooperate a bit longer so that we could have more of these mornings. This was a blast.


  1. Wow, great run. You should be so proud of A. Way to go!

  2. LOVE it!! A's skirt is so cute I want one for myself!

  3. We had an unusually warm day in NM yesterday too. And I'm running a race this morning in the mid forties. Such a change from even a few days ago!

    Cute outfit. Have fun in Vegas!

  4. The run might have 'sucked', but your outfit was pretty darn cute! ;)

  5. I love that she enjoys running so much! She is adorable in her running outfit!! :) And congrats on her 1 mile PR, that is a huge improvement!!

  6. Aw! so sweet! I hope my little baby F wants to run with me someday :)

  7. A's little rosy cheeks are sooooo cute!! You're such a lucky mommy!

  8. I'm welcoming the cool air in Florida - my times are getting better. Love the pictures!

  9. i LOVE that shirt! You're whole outfit is cute! :)


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