Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Las Vegas... the last day

So if you will recall, J and I didn't head up to the room until around 3 in the morning. Ugh. I am TOO OLD to stay up so late. I woke up early... somehow before 9 am (HOW??) and showered. Thankfully... no hangover. I hardly drink anymore, so I was a bit worried I'd be feeling it.

Our main goal today was to eat lunch at Chipotle. Inexpensive and healthier than other food options. Of course that meant... MORE.WALKING.

We checked out of the hotel around 11, and left our bags at the front so we wouldn't have to drag them around all afternoon. We stopped at a few shops on the way down the strip and got the last of our awesome/tacky Las Vegas souvenirs (where else can I get a nail file with Hello Kitty dressed like a showgirl??)

Finally make it to Chipotle and we have lunch. After lunch we decided we would head BACK down the strip, stop in the few hotels/casinos we hadn't been in yet, and make sure we got back to the hotel by about 4:30 to get our luggage and get the shuttle back to the airport.

We stopped in at Treasure Island, then took a tram to Mirage.

Me and J in front of a huge tree in Mirage
The Beatles Club - Revolution
We wanted to check out the "Secret Garden" at Mirage but found the $15 per person a bit expensive. Next, we decided to head to MGM to look at the lions.

Lions at MGM
We ran out of things to do and I think we all were a bit tired of walking. I bet in addition to the half marathon that I ran, I probably walked the distance of a FULL marathon. And I didn't even have the sense to bring comfortable shoes.


We made it back in time to get our bags. I had asked earlier and was told it takes just "a minute or two" to get the bags back. Ten minutes go by and we still have nothing. Start asking around. People keep going in the back and not returning. Starting to get tense and angry. WHERE IS OUR STUFF?? Finally someone comes up front. Shockingly there was a problem with our ticket. Whoever filled it out didn't write it legibly so they never entered it in the system. At least I allowed extra time and at least I got all my stuff back.

Had a hard time finding where to wait for the shuttle bus and then THAT was 20 minutes late. Man, I do NOT do well waiting!!! Get to the airport and after getting through security, L and I pick up dinner. I hadn't eaten at Chili's in almost a year, but they had one in the airport, so I ordered the Big Mouth Bites. They were just as delicious as I remember. Yum.

J managed to get a seat next to me on the plane, and this time we got a free cookie. I kept dozing off and then getting woken back up by some obnoxious teenagers behind me that talked very loud, giggled incessantly, and kept kicking the back of my seat. After we landed they said to their seatmate "I hope we didn't bother you." I jumped in and said something snarky like "You sure bothered the rest of the plane. You should be more aware of your surroundings, not everyone wants to listen to that for 90 minutes." Stupid girl has the nerve to say "Like I care, I'll never see any of you again."


By the time R landed a half hour later, and we got backs, shuttled back to lot and drove home, it was almost 1:00 in the morning.

Glad to be home.


  1. Oh man - that sounds like such an annoying flight!!
    BUT sounds like a fun Vegas trip overall - and definitely an exhausting one! Of my 3 trips to Vegas since becoming an adult I've never made it to 3am. I think I party too hard during the day and I end up getting more sleep than you are supposed to get on the Strip!
    And I would be flipping out if I had to go through that baggage stress and a late bus. Not Cool!

  2. Great report. Last time we were in Vegas we walked to In 'N Out Burger. We don't have them in Oregon and had to eat there. What a hike!

  3. That annoys the heck out of me! Those stupid plane passengers that keep kicking the back of your seat and keep babbling...blah!

  4. I can not believe the girls said that! Soo rude!! Overall it sounds like a good Vegas trip, I'm glad you had fun! :)

  5. AHHH So rude!...I would have had to bite my tongue on this one for sure!


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