Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Freeze Your Cookies Off #2 (Race Recap)

Sunday, February 12
Denver, CO
Half Marathon #160
Weather - Overcast, a little cold

After the first FYCO race we figured we didn't need to arrive quite so early. We still had to stop at Joann on the way to pick up more ribbon, but we were the first to arrive again, maybe around 10:45. We entered the same lot that we had used the first time and unloaded everything, only to have someone from the church inform us that we couldn't park in the lot. There were plenty of other spots in the main lot, so we just directed everyone there instead. Thankfully, that was the only glitch in our day.

People seemed to recognize that checking in and picking out their cookies only took a few minutes so it seemed the bulk of the people arrived with 15 or so minutes until the start.

One of the runners asked in advance if people would be willing to wear hearts in support of Jackson, a little boy that needs heart surgery. Of course everyone was happy to show their support!
I headed to the bathroom with about 10 minutes to go, made a last minute call for people to check in and before I knew it, time for the pre-race picture (our biggest race of the series!)

We started a minute or two late and again, I was in the back with Colfax. Heather planned on running faster so it was just us.

During the first mile I was concerned that my legs would be too tired to run well, but things actually went pretty well during the first half. I kinda wished I had brought music with me, I didn't know in advance I would be running alone. 

We had rain/snow in the forecast the night before, but luckily it did not amount to anything and the trails were in PERFECT condition. I didn't find a single spot that was icy, muddy, or even wet. Hurray!
Gloomy like this pretty much the whole day
I dropped Colfax off with Maureen, who had gotten Eric to volunteer with her at the turnaround and headed back.
Melissa got this shot of me and Colfax
I felt fine until maybe mile 9 or 10 and then I really started feeling fatigued and took a lot more walk breaks. The only "goal" I had was to break 2:40 (which on a course that is a .25 mile long is pretty "decent" considering my pace the last few years). Somewhere around mile 11 I took a drink out of my handheld and forgot to close the top and all my Nuun spilled out, so that was pretty annoying and I of course became the thirstiest ever.

It took everything in me to run to the finish - this picture actually makes it look like I have some energy left, lol.
Not quite as many people stuck around at the finish, but it was also about 20 degrees colder than the first race, so not entirely unexpected.
We did these fun finish lines so people felt like they were "breaking the tape"
I ate the donut that A had saved for me and we cheered in the remaining runners.
Colfax got a medal for running the first half in two races - he looks pleased!
No wonder people were asking me which one of us is taller... (the back of my medal is customized with "Best Mom")
Garmin Time - 2:38:18
Garmin Distance - 13.35 miles
Garmin Pace - 11:51
Mile 1 - 11:35
Mile 2 - 12:01
Mile 3 - 11:35
Mile 4 - 11:46
Mile 5 - 11:26
Mile 6 - 11:16
Mile 7 - 12:41
Mile 8 - 11:34
Mile 9 - 11:37
Mile 10 - 12:05
Mile 11 - 12:01
Mile 12 - 12:06
Mile 13 - 12:13
Mile 13.35 - 12:22

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