Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Week in Review (May 3 - May 9)

Tuesday (17,646 steps) - A had student council early in the morning, so I did a quick run by the lake after dinner. Tuesdays are clearly the most boring day of the week, which is totally fine. I was still exhausted after the Avenue of the Giants weekend, so we went to bed really early.
Wednesday (18,529 steps) - Slept in because we went to run club after work/school. Maureen ended up coming, so we ran about 3 miles with her. They ordered in pizza for Heather's birthday, so we decided not to go and get dinner. Because, free pizza.

When we got home we had Batman Sour's birthday paw-ty. Two years old!

Thursday (21,108 steps) - Finally managed to drag myself out of bed. Did 4ish miles near the lake. Temps were good, and I'm loving the sunshine!
Friday (14,343 steps) - Rest day!! Was hoping to get out of work early. Never quite works out that way and it was pure chaos and stress going to pick up A at school and then driving back down to Denver to drop her off at Heather's for a sleepover before driving out to Grand Junction. My friend and teammate, Kate, had graciously offered to let me stay at her house (since I had forgotten to book a hotel), and I was super stressed about my impending late arrival. Quick stop at Garbanzo's on the way out, and didn't get to Kate's until 10:45!! Thank you, Kate, and sorry for the late arrival. You're awesome!! Was woken up a few times in the night due to crazy thunderstorms.
Saturday (28,635 steps) - Rabbit Valley half marathon. The drive back to Denver was fairly uneventful, with the exception of on and off rain. Bee Rad got a PR with number of miles on a tank (566.7!) of gas.
Stopped in Silverthorne hoping to get food, but there was only fast food. I did, however, stop at the Banana Republic outlet store and got a super cute dress and sweater for $26!! I finally had to stop in Idaho Springs to gas up, and made a quick stop at Tommyknocker's for a beer and a bowl of chili to tide me over until dinner. While I was running Rabbit Valley and driving back to Denver, A was running Girls on the Run with Heather.
Arrived at Heather's around 3:30, giving me plenty of time to shower and get pretty for our dinner at The Palm, celebrating Heather's birthday with her family and other friends. Had an amazing time! Tons and tons of food, and always fun to get dressed up.
Sunday (10,067 steps) - I was DETERMINED to sleep in. I have so few opportunities for it! I kept waking up, but I managed to stay in bed until 9 am. 9!!! Batman Sour assisted in waking me up by sitting by my head and purring. A sneaked downstairs, making me coffee, eggs and pancakes! She also did all the dishes, making this the perfect Mother's Day breakfast. We sat on the couch and watched HOURS of TV. Around 1 we went over to the library to renew A's library books. We went for a 2 mile run along Little Dry Creek - love our runs together!
More TV. We went to lunch/dinner (not sure what meal you eat at 4 pm) at Old Chicago's. We ordered #allthefood - an appetizer sampler of pizza rolls, Italian nachos and cheesy garlic bread, A got a turkey/bacon sandwich, and I got the fancy mac & cheese.

Spent the remainder of the day on the couch in a food coma. BEST MOTHER'S DAY EVER!
Monday (15,848 steps) - I had my alarm set early with plans of running the big loop around my neighborhood. Turns out, I'm still recovering from my awesome Mother's Day of doing nothing. I barely had time to get 1.5 miles in. But the weather was perfect and the sun was shining. Yay spring!
We left the house a few minutes early so I could stop and get my depo shot. Wasn't as quick as usual, so A was a few minutes late to school. After work I did a video(!!!) while making dinner. Time to get back on track with building up my puny strength!

  • 126,176 steps
  • 23 miles run (taking a few low mileage weeks before building back up)
  • 32 minutes of cross training
  • No strength/stretching
Everything Else:
  • Blah. So I haven't been paying much attention to what I've been eating (obviously) and slowly but surely, the weight has crept back on. It's easy to pretend that running 40-60 miles a week means you can eat whatever you want, but that is obviously not true. Not planning on tracking calories or anything, but cutting back on all those things I can't seem to stop eating. Womp. I'm pretty much back to the weight I was on three years ago when I did the #noteatingallthethings - apparently maintaining hasn't gone that well.
  • Nothing much else going on, just planning an out of town Memorial Day weekend with A and locking in the remainder of plans for the summer. HOW ARE THERE ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT OF SCHOOL?


  1. OMG Two weeks?! Whoops! I haven't even made summer daycare plans yet.

    1. LOL! Her last day of school is May 25 - so super soon!


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