Tuesday, August 6, 2013

#NotEatingAllTheThings (Week 14)

Read about previous weeks here.

Tuesday - Tank top arms, Abs & Obliques and Stretching. NATIONAL CHEESECAKE DAY!!!

Wednesday - Just over a 3 mile run with run club. More walking than usual because I was sending angry text messages at the same time.
Thursday - Tank top arms, Abs & Obliques, Butt & Thigh, Stretching in the morning. 5ish mile progressive run on the treadmill at the gym.
Friday - Nothing
Saturday - Sadly I had to run 5 miles at the gym instead of running 10 with Hope outside. We did meet up with Hope for lunch and our kids went jumping. I had the BEST burger ever.  Also, I went on a "date" and it was... not good. The guy was nice enough but there was zero physical attraction and he didn't even buy my drinks. He awkwardly gave me a kiss goodnight and it was the worst ever. Lesson: I am NOT ready to date. The whole time I was with this guy I wished I wasn't.

Sunday - 4 miles of trails with Hope at Marshall Mesa. Tank top arms, Abs & Obliques, Butt & Thigh, stretching. Also spectated for about an hour the Boulder 70.3.

My older sister, W, rocking a 20+ minute PR at the Boulder 70.3!!
Monday - 5ish miles on the treadmill in the basement inferno.

Weekly Loss - 0.4 pounds
Loss Since April 30 - 18.4 pounds

  • My lowest mileage in weeks and I am ok with that. I didn't get in any runs over 5 miles and that is pretty much a time issue. With A back and no one to watch her, I don't especially want to find a sitter so I can slog through a 2-3 hour run.
  • I ran 4/7 days but my BIGGEST success I think was getting in the Fitness Blender videos THREE DAYS this week!
  • Still not counting calories. By far the week I have gone the craziest! I had blueberry cake two nights, cookies two nights, cheesecake, the giantest burger EVER, sweet potato fries twice and ALL THE BEER...  Maybe being "crazy" actually means "maintaining" as long as I don't go overboard?
  • Confession: While I am enjoying beer, it is getting to be dangerous. My consumption is getting substantial on the weekends and I'm up to more days a week than I would like to admit.
  • Thank you everyone for all the nice comments on my last post.
  • Related: I don't know WTF my problem is. Really. I am being so insane and stupid it does not even make sense. I don't know why I seem to be so determined to be "woe is me" all the time. There was a reason why J moved out and I was the one that asked him to leave. I know I'm "romanticizing" the situation and when it comes down to it, there was a lot of physical chemistry between us and that is about it.
  • Related: I think part of my problem is I got comfortable with my situation and it never really occurred to me that it was ever going to change. Now that it has and I'm starting to look at my options... IT SUCKS. Do you know how old 35 year olds are?? Speaking of, I watched an episode of Full House last night and it was supposedly Danny's 30th birthday (and Jesse and Joey were supposedly in their 20's). IMPOSSIBLE. They look way too old. When did "I" get so old??? Where have the last 15-20 years go??? Blah.
  • Related: A has asked EVERY DAY when J is coming back. My answer of "never" doesn't appear to be getting through to her. At least she isn't asking me "why" because I guess I don't really have an answer for her on that...
  • I've been sort of "unplugged" for a while and I think it's going to continue longer. The longer I stay away from Twitter the less I miss it. I am SO TIRED of being attached to my phone. It seems like life was so much simpler before I had one. Now I walk down the street and I'd say 80% of the people have headphones in and are on their phones while they are walking. WHAT HAS HAPPENED. I don't want to be this way. I miss actually TALKING to people. There are some instances where texting is unfortunately a necessary evil, but I refuse to believe this is where we have ended up.


  1. Hang in there it will get better! I know what you mean about the phones..we my friends and I are out we have a no phone zone rule because people are more entertaining than our phones :) My other friend plays everyone put their phone in the middle of the table first person to reach for their phone pays for everyones drinks..

  2. Um. I do NOT miss talking to people. 1. My phone reception is the worst, and I cannot talk on that thing, and 2. I hate talking. Long live the texts!

    I cannot believe he did not buy your drinks. WTF. Loser.

  3. I loathe talking on the phone and avoid it at all costs. I like texting because I can reply at my convenience but still have a conversation. I love it when I forget my phone and sometimes forget it on purpose :)

    He didn't buy you drinks and then gave you a kiss? Creeper alert.

  4. I've been taking some time off from Facebook - I haven't logged in for a week (which sounds silly, only a week - but considering how often I was on it - it's kind of a miracle). I was just tired of being on my phone so often! I do think it's sad when you're spending time with family or friends, and yet every person is on their phone! I think our whole society could use some "unplugged" time!

  5. I think the ill-fitting clothes clothes, horrendous styles, and big hair made everyone look older than what they were in the 80s (i.e. full house)

    sorry about the weird date... sounds like it was just him though, if you met someone awesome, you may feel differently. Look at me trying to be all positive. lets be honest, men suck

  6. 1. my mouth is watering over the cheesecake and the desserts you mentioned. I've cut those out but the beer is killing me too.
    2. i've been dating (kinda) but haven't put it on the blog. BECAUSE IT HAS ALL SUCKED. i'm not attracted to anyone i've been out with either. i think i'm the pickiest.
    3. my job has kept me away from twitter more than my last one-some days i'm on it, some days not at all. i kinda like being away too. i often feel sufficated and way addicted to this phone!


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