Wednesday, August 14, 2013

INKnBURN Tank Tops (Product Review)

As you all know, I have renewed my Ambassadorship with INKnBURN. From the second I saw their product line I was hooked. Obviously, the first thing that stood out to me were the intricate and unique patterns and designs. I was a bit hesitant to shell out the money for my first few items - especially since there weren't many reviews on the products. I am here to tell you that INKnBURN is worth EVERY PENNY.

By far, my go-to items are the tank tops. I can wear them for a workout or I can bum around in them for weekend wear.

Product Details:
  • Fitted tops without feeling tight
  • PERFECT length. As you know, I'm a fairly tiny individual. Most athletic tops are way too long. These fall nicely just below my hips.
  • NO chafing. Dry I.C.E. (Instant Cooling by Evaporation) fabric wicks away moisture - I love that I never feel "wet" after a workout.
  • I have worn these for every type of workout I do, and they have never let me down!
  • Top Left: Wave. Top Right: Rock N' Roll. Bottom Left: Butterfly. Bottom Right: Sugar Skull
If you want something a bit more fitted, I highly recommend the camisole top! This style has saved me on those hot summer runs since I tend to get super hot, super fast.
Top Left - Dragonfly; Top Middle - Kabuki; Top Right - Lotus; Bottom Left - Phoenix; Bottom Right - Run or Die Roses
If you somehow haven't tried INKnBURN yet - use code BeckaToldMe when you set up your online account and you can save 15% off your purchase (new customers only). I promise you won't regret it!

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