Monday, October 22, 2012

What's Next (Goals?)

Needless to say, when you are out on a course for 8+ hours with no iPod and nothing to occupy your brain, you spend a lot of time thinking and planning. So. Here's what I have come up with.
  • Running a 100 miler is insane.
    • Training is very time consuming
    • Training is lonely because no one else is as crazy as you are
    • A LOT of training for one day, which may or may not go your way
    • To be successful, you have to rely A LOT on other people
    • With all the above said, I'm nixing (for now) the idea of running another 100
  • Running a 50 miler is insane
    • See above
    • I may or may not ever run another 50 miler, and if I do, I will NOT pick a race where 50 is the furthest distance. After this weekend, I am even MORE convinced that "racing the clock" is the freaking worst. So unless I all of a sudden become MUCH faster, a 50 isn't in the cards.
  • Running 50k is insane, but do-able.
    • Training really isn't much different than marathon/half marathon training (FOR ME)
    • Most 50k's are on trails, and I really like trails
    • I can probably talk at least SOMEONE into joining me for a 50k
    • Same rule applies as my 50 mile rule - I will not race the clock, so I really don't want to run a 50k if that is the longest distance
  • Running marathons
    • I think I still would like to run these. They are challenging, and for the most part, fun.
    • When they are no longer "fun," I will no longer run.
    • See above - I don't want to "race the clock" - this will also apply to traveling and my crazy flights.
    • Related: I plan on traveling a lot less
    • Related: I think I will set a (very long term) goal to run a full (or longer) in every state. I will be a LOT more picky about the races I run. So if you have a race in your state that you think I would love, please send info my way.
  • Running half marathons
    • I think I would like to go back to running more of these.
      • Colorado has over 70 half marathons. (Long term) goal is to run every one in the state (or the marathon if there is one). This will take ages as there are a few weekends where there are 4-5 different races on the same day.
      • Related: I've only run a dozen or so to date. This will take a while.
      • Wyoming has over a dozen half marathons. Will have the same goal as Colorado, since Wyoming is close.
  • Running the continents
    • Obviously a goal, I have run 4 of the 7 already.
    • This will take a jillion years since Australia and Antarctica are ridiculously expensive.
So... what does this all mean? Well, I am not really registered for that many (FOR ME) races. I'm likely going to be filling my schedule with more local runs. And as for training, well, I think I need to get into a groove again, and just find out whatever works. All while making sure I don't jack up any more body parts and keep the knee/ankles in check.

With that said. I have race fever and I am dying to register for SOMETHING but I actually plan on waiting to see how Marine Corps goes this weekend.


  1. Doing all half marathons in CO is a great idea!!! I never heard anybody do that and so it would be a very unique challenge. Love that!

  2. I'm kind of sad to see you realize that training for 100 is not for you. I wanted to see you rock it out! But it is a huge undertaking and if it doesn't jibe with your life or desires at this point - there is no reason to do it. There are too many other fun goals to set!

    I still have it as a goal. It will just have to be longer term for me. I won't be able to train with two toddlers. I am lucky though, that when I decide to do it we have a great trail/ultra community here that pretty much takes care of a lot of the reasons that training didn't work for you. I would have imagined that with all the trail races and beautiful scenery in CO the community would be great. Maybe the relatively small community size in Atlanta helps.

  3. Hook me up if you're in my part of the woods (South East Asia)! Would love to meet you.

  4. Love the idea of running every half in your state. I may have to think on that one...!!!

  5. i like your new goals. i love the CO idea and the marathon in every state idea!

  6. Congratulations on completing all 50 halves! You are so inspirational. I hope I get there one day!

  7. I think you're gonna love MCM. My husband & I did it in 2010 and although I suck at running, I really did (mostly) love it. All the Marines at the aid stations, " banging the gong" and finishing at Iwo Jima was emotional! Congrats again on completing all 50!

  8. I think you're gonna love MCM. My husband & I did it in 2010 and although I suck at running, I really did (mostly) love it. All the Marines at the aid stations, " banging the gong" and finishing at Iwo Jima was emotional! Congrats again on completing all 50!

  9. Love the idea of running all in your state.

  10. Hey so the Chicago marathon seems cool, you know knock it off your list and I am gonna register to do it next year.....just sayin;). MCM is on my dream list so I am excited to see how it goes for you!

  11. I will always join you for a trail run. Let me know which 50k you are looking into! That could be a new goal for me if I EVER kick this fricking plantar fasciitis CRAP. Hope you had a great MCM weekend! You had a serious look alike at the Eerie Erie yesterday. She was your size, had your hair, had her running skirt on, and the wonder woman cape and outfit that you have. After the race I was like "Rebecca!"... no answer... "Rebecca Walker!"... no answer. Weird. I knew if it was you, you would have said hi. Then the more I looked at her I realized it really wasn't you. Nevertheless, I chased that blue cape for 6 miles (thinking we could chat during the race) and never caught it. Ha!

  12. Obviously I don't do the amount/kind of running that you do, but lately I've been kind of having these same talks in my head during runs. I just said during my race yesterday that I'm starting to question my sanity and why I keep running.

    And then I remember that I'm addicted. I've decided I'm over the marathon distance. I'm just not interested in it. I think 2013 I'll just mix it up and stick to "short" with half marathons, and then toss in a few 5 and 10Ks just to keep it interesting!

    I'm always in awe of you. Those distances that you not only consider but then go and DO?? Yeah, it frightens me. You're pretty darn awesome!!


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