Thursday, October 25, 2012

Three Things Thursday (Marine Corps Edition)

1. So this is my forecast.

Great. Not just a 90% chance of rain, but 20 mph winds on top of that? That's about the worst running conditions I can imagine. Gross.

2. So I'm thinking about buying this:

Supposedly it is wind and water resistant. For the $70ish it would cost to have it overnighted, it would also have to give me superpowers.

3. Running has sucked so bad lately. I try not to complain about it too much, but man. I *know* it is better than not being able to run at all. But I have only done two training runs in the last 2 weeks. Both 5 miles, and both took me an hour. That is roughly 1.5-2 minutes slower PER MILE than I normally run. Nothing actually HURTS, but it is just HARD.

I know people mean well but if ONE MORE PERSON TELLS ME "YOUR BODY NEEDS A BREAK" I'm going to snap. I have been working out for 8+ years, and honestly, this is the LEAST I have ever done. Even when I have had injuries, I've been cross training and at the gym more. So I don't want to hear any of that "rest" nonsense.

With that said. I wish running didn't suck so bad. I want to really enjoy it again, and I'm not. I feel like quitting. Anything that is that hard that doesn't reap a reward isn't worth doing.

I know, I know, crappy attitude.


Have you ever run 5ish hours in the rain? And wind? I normally wear a tank, but I don't want to freeze or get too soaked.



  1. I did my only 1/2 mary in the pouring, cold rain last fall. It sucked. I was soaked to the bone. My itouch died. but I finished, so there's that. As I tweeted, I'd rather be hot so I'd would probably buy that rain resistant jacket--I'm sure they'll have one you can get at the expo--and I would wear layers. you can take it off if you get hot, but boy do I hate being cold.

  2. The first half marathon I ran was in terrible conditions. There was something oddly enjoyable about it! I'm with you on the running front. Running has sucked for the past month or so. The good news was running a marathon helped spring me back. The bad news was I ended up a little overzealous after it and seem to be injured now!

  3. I'm thinking of just a long sleeve technical shirt...
    I've been feeling sluggard the last 10 days too... and I'm convinced it's because I need more rest/sleep.

  4. I'm starting to pack my bags for the MCM and just added that jacket as well! I'm not really looking forward to the weather. I've run a few halves in the rain, but this will only be my second's going to get soggy. Good luck!

  5. The will be fiiiiine.

    Well, and wet, and cold, and soggy. Shoot, buddy, sorry about that forecast.

    I ran 4 miles in the pouring rain by accident last night. Don't forget a hat, I think that helped a bit. My shoes were soaked. I hope your hotel is near the start so you can get out of your wet clothes fast.

  6. Don't know if this cheers you up or depresses you, but you already got some good practice at Green Mountain Marathon, right? You got it....

  7. My very first race was a 5k in DC. it was raining and windy and cold. It was bad, but for some reason I still got hooked with running. You can change it and it won't help to freak out, just be prepared and make the best out of it. Good luck!!

  8. Word on the street is that the real rain is supposed to hold off until later on Sunday... Maybe you'll get lucky!

    I've run several halves in pouring rain. I found that a windbreaker over a short sleeve shirt kept me warm. I was soggy, sweaty, and gross, but I wasn't cold. Fingers crossed for you and all the other MCM runners.

  9. Couple of thoughts: 1) Check out Mile Posts blog (Dorothy) about what to wear for MCM. She's a local and has run it several times. 2) Watch the weather video on the MCM Web page. Things could change, but at this point they're predicting 52-54 and cloudy for the first 3 hours, then showers and wind picking up. Yeah, that will totally suck if it pans out to wet and windy during miles 18-26, but it's a little different than starting in a bone-chilling rainstorm.
    Good luck & hope at least some of it is fun--I just picked up my MCM packet tonight!!!

  10. Sending positive thoughts that the weather doesn't suck.

  11. i’ve run a marathon, a 10k, and a half marathon in rain. not going to sugar coat it-it isn’t fun. have a garbage back. wear a hat. perhaps arm sleeves or gloves to throw away. body glide. lots of body glide. i wonder if your body is just trying to fight off a bug or something? or allergies? could be messing with your runs.

  12. Am in the same boat as you! I haven't been able to run since last Saturday - popped a hip flexor muscle. Like you, I've been able to run/jog/workout even with a metatarsal fracture but this...this...this...big fat NO.

  13. I swear by my North Face Venture Jacket.

    It has a great hood that actually blocks heavy rain from hitting your eyes and the armpit zippers really help minimize the sweaty/stuffy action.

  14. Can't wait to read the recap - if it rained hard or not.

    I was sunshine and rainbows for 24 miles, until it got hotter than an armpit (88-90 degrees, 16% humidity) and then I was f*cking miserable until I finished at 31.7 miles. Blah. I don't know. Rain sucks. But hot sucks too. Can't decide which "suck" I'd rather deal with.


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