Thursday, October 4, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. It's almost the weekend! Which gives you another opportunity to participate in RUN ALL THE RACES! C'mon guys! I am at 73% of my fundraising goal (although our team is just under 10% of the overall goal), and you have 11 more days to get in on the action - with a chance to win some awesome prizes from some of the BEST companies out there. (Also, does not have to be a "real" race - you can use a training run if you want!)

If you have someone missed it, donation link is here and blog post outlining all the prizes is here.

Anyone have any race reports from last week they want to share? (

2. I have been a treadmill runner since I started running, back in... 2004? 2005? Whenever it was, long before I started keeping track at the end of 2007.

I think the love I have for the treadmill is gone. Every run seems ridiculously hard and awful. I think it's time we broke up. Awkward, since winter is coming up (it seriously was in the 30's on my way to work) and I need the babysitting at the gym.


3. Fall/Winter is upon us. Blech. Snow in the forecast for Saturday. Prepare yourselves for lots of whining and complaining about how much I hate cold and snow and winter.



  1. I find that running on the treadmill doesn't really prepare you for marathons anyway, because the traction is totally different. Although it's much lower impact, which I definitely need!

  2. snow??? Already? Boo.

    I'm sad about the treadmill, too. Why would it turn on us? WHY?

  3. As much I love snow...let's get through fall first! Fortunately, we are enjoying a fantastic Indian Summer at the moment :)

  4. snow!?!?!? WTF. i never knew how you did so many miles on that miserable machine. it is terrible. but i feel bad saying that since you will probably be on it with the weather issues...


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