Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Rewind

Miles Run - 90.13. This is the first month in over two years where I didn't hit 100 miles. If I didn't have complete faith in my coach, I probably would have squeezed in some unsanctioned runs to get my triple digits. (This was SUPER hard for me).
Races Run - 2. One half marathon, one marathon. Neither went as well as planned. Honestly, running in the summer just kind of sucks. It's been stupid hot and my heart really hasn't been into running lately.
PR's Set - ZERO
Minutes of Plank - 18. I didn't do any better this month than last month. Even with reduced time at the gym, I've been tired and going to bed earlier, without bothering with planks. I really AM noticing the difference now that I haven't been doing them, so I need to start again. Sigh.

August. Well. I have 3 half marathons on schedule. Back to back races in two weeks in Colorado (mountains) and then state #49 - West Virginia.

Honestly? I'm contemplated dropping my second Colorado race. I just am not feeling it. Guess I will see how I feel over the next week or so.

Running has been blah, but I've been trying to do what my coach asks (also in terms of nutrition), hopefully I will start feeling better soon. This is reminiscent of the same "funk" I was in last year at this same time.

To avoid a picture-less post, here is a pic of me and A's PureFlows. I am so jealous I can't get them in pink.


  1. Wow that is still some awesome mileage! I have been trying to do planks but for some reason finding two minutes out of the day to do them just seems impossible.....or I am trying to avoid them.

  2. August will be better.
    And purple is awesome too!

  3. Still awesome mileage. You could get the Pure Cadence in pink, but they are more supportive. I'm liking mine so far.

  4. I hope you will find your running mojo soon and August will be a fantastic month!

  5. love A’s pink shoes! my running mojo is coming back. it’s still insanely hot but i had a really slow week and then skipped all my long runs and all of the sudden i feel better than ever. hopefully you will be back at it soon!


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