Friday, August 31, 2012

August Rewind

Miles Run - 67.08. This is just about the least number of miles I have run. Ever.
Races Run - 4 (2 half marathons and 2 5ks). I dropped out of a third half marathon.
PR's Set - None, unless you count the most miserable race ever, and I think I finally have a race where I felt worse than New Hampshire.
Minutes of Plank - 40? I tried to get a bit better about these this month, but I still just haven't been having the motivation/dedication.

So this was a craptastic month.

My knee is a TON better than three weeks ago. I ran four miles last night, but they were super slow and sluggish. Just been feeling really tired lately. Optimistic about the exercises/stretches they have me doing at physical therapy. I think I'll continue to go once a week for a while. Also wondering if they can suggest something for the tight calves. I was going back through my race reports and the problem was first brought up in January/February of last year. Um??? I thought it had "only" been bothering me for a year. Either way, it is certainly NOT normal and I need to tackle that next.

On the horizon for September... Well, it is really all dependent on how this weekend at DISNEY goes. If I am able to get through it with no issues, then I will leave my schedule alone for now. Still am really considering dropping the Bear Chase. Not completely, but my longest run outside of racing last month was 5 miles. And that was only one run. Two four mile runs, everything else was less. That does NOT bode will for training for a 50  miler.

Anyway, optimistic that September will be a better month!


  1. WV will always have a special place in my heart, even if you had your worst race.
    Have fun at DL!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful September!! :)

  3. Keeping my fingers doubly crossed for you!

  4. I also ran 50 miles less in August thanks to this shin crap.

    So, when did you start running in Newtons? From my tight calf research, I have also read that Newtons can have that effect do to the mid-to-forefoot strike they encourage.

  5. Hope DL went well!!


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