Monday, August 6, 2012

I Run CO 5k (Race Recap)

Denver, CO
Sunday, August 5
A's 6th 5k
Weather - Sunny and hot

I received a Schwaggle for I Run CO 5k, which made it only $17 per person! The shirt is REALLY nice, and I knew I would be able to talk A into doing it with me. Plus, I actually had the weekend off from racing, ONLY because my coach talked me out of doing the midnight run in Utah (sad face).

The race didn't start until 9:00, and only about a 20 minute drive from our house. We left by 7:30 only to guarantee we got the right size shirt. Picked up our packets and some goodies at the start line, then we walked back to the car to drop everything off. After a few trips to the bathroom and some pre-race pictures, it was time to line up. We lined up towards the back since we would be running A's pace.

It was a HOT day. L's phone supposedly said it was only in the mid 60s. LIES. Anyway, A did great the first 10 minutes or so, but it was downhill from there. She happily posed for a picture at mile 1, but then she sorta lost it. Tired and really whiny. In her defense, it was pretty hot, and I didn't want to "race" either. My knee was still hurting (the pain is now running up the outside of my leg).

Mile 1
Mile 2
We were in a "rush" only because we wanted to finish in time to watch L's daughter do the kid's run. Nothing much else to say, other than we looked awesome and got tons of complements on our sparkly skirts.

A's Results
Age: 6
Overall: 508/540
Gender: 314/337
Division: 11/13
Chip Time: 49:28
Pace: 16:06

A was happy when she was DONE and said she had fun overall, but that it was just too hot. I get that. Unsure how to approach our next 5k at the end of the month.

While waiting for the kid's race to start, A took some pictures of the gardens at the park. Pretty!

H had a great time doing the kid's race. And look at the picture A managed to get of her!

A and H at the finish line:

Later in the afternoon, A and I got pedicures. Her first, and she loved it. I was getting tired of looking at my ugly runner feet.


Also, I'm fundraising for my 100 miler in May. If you can, please donate here.


  1. Cute pics. So very cute.

    I've decided that racing in August is stupid, in any state. Be nice to A, she's a trooper to get out there in the heat.

  2. Congrats, A, on your wonderful 5k!! I'm training my daughter for a 5k right now so can relate to the complaining. :-)

  3. Congrats to everyone who raced this weekend. It's always great to treat yourself nice with an awesome meal or in your case, pedicures, after a race.

  4. Looks like a wonderful day with your daughter!! Nice :)

  5. congrats to yall! and love the matchy toes :)

  6. How cute! Looked like you had an amazing day.

  7. A is quite the photographer, isn't she!

    Cute toes!! I mean really - even without the polish you two don't have ugly feet! ;)


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