Friday, August 24, 2012

Five Things Friday

1. The Knee - The good news is that after a second opinion with an orthopedic surgeon, it is NOT a torn meniscus, but is ITBS. That is good because if I play my cards right, I won't be out of commission for too long, but I will have to take it easy...

2. Taking it Easy - What does that even mean? Well, since my disastrous race last weekend in WV, I have not run. Not at all. Today is day 6 of no running. My knee doesn't hurt at all. What have I been doing instead? Two days of cycling. That is it. 90 minutes of exercise. That might be the least I have done. Ever.

3. Rehab - Well, according to the doctor, there is nothing I can do "myself" to fix the IT band. I kinda think that is a big lie. Regardless, I have been icing every night and foam rolling. The foam rolling hurts like crazy, so I must be doing something right. Hoping not running for a week will also help. I've been sorta stretching, and I am getting instructions from my coach today on stretches and a new schedule. Also, I have physical therapy on Monday. I'm sure that will be thrilling.

4. Retro Run - I am "running" another 5k with A on Sunday. In somewhat related news, J and the dog are joining us. Good thing I'm crippled, I foresee this as being a catastrophe. (That, and J refuses to costume up and wear short shorts in celebration of mile 3, the 80's. He is NO fun.)

5. DISNEYLAND/CALIFORNIA - I still plan on doing the half since I can walk if necessary. A and I leave next Friday. STUPID EXCITED.


  1. So, taking it easy = walking a half marathon. Girl!

  2. I suffered with a lot of ITBS issues. It's a nightmare, and it keeps coming back if you don't take care of it right. I recommend going to a rolfer--they are a specialized type of massage therapist and if they are qualified they can really help fix the problems. Go to to find one close by. It sounds hooky, but they have fixed a lot of issues for me in the past. I hope you get feeling better!

  3. ITBS is not fun, but it's waaaay better than a torn meniscus. I hope you can work out some stuff with your PT to help you feel better!

  4. So glad you got a 2nd opinion!!You should find a chiro who offers ART (Active Release Therapy) helps wonders with ITBS!! Hang in there!!

  5. Since I run everyday I figure I don't have the right to scold you for thinking that taking it easy is running a 5k and then walking a half marathon so I'll just shut up. (have fun)

  6. In '02 I had "runners knee" which is exacerbated by ITBS. I to do a bunch of strengthening exercises in PT for my quad, hamstring, etc. Rolling also hurt like crazy - but it got better.

  7. i would work on your hips too. that is what my doc and pt said were the cause of my it band problems. and foam rolling is also correct. :) does A know she is going to disney or is it a surprise??



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