Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Post Race Blues

I have spent the last four months doing a rigorous training schedule, all in the name of COMPLETING a 100 mile race. Well. I finished the training, but did NOT finish the race.


Yes, I have a lot of races scheduled, but mostly they are "just" half marathons. Now don't get me wrong. A half marathon is my favorite distance, I enjoy running them. But I know I can run one. I will likely not PR, or even come close, but I feel comfortable with the distance. I don't get pre-race jitters when I run them anymore. After 57 of them, the "thrill" is gone. (Although I am really looking forward to my travelling races - especially Seattle and... yep, WEST VIRGINIA!!) But maybe that is the problem. I am aching to be aiming for something more.

My schedule is pretty full through... well, the rest of the year. I probably can't add anything in. I already foresee my training going into a funk because I have nothing really to look forward to.

With that said, I think I am going to join the Tuesday night run club at the Boulder Lululemon store. It's only a 40-45 minute run every week, but maybe getting my butt off the treadmill will help.

I'll stop whining now.


  1. i just started last week meeting up monday nights with our fleet feet running group- i've been twice but it definitely shakes things up!!

  2. I get this... VERY much. That's all I can say. I get it... I had almost a solid month post-Rocky trying to crawl out of the post-race depression funk. I get it.

  3. This sounds like quite the runner's funk you have going on! I read a few times when this happens - the excitement of trying to run shorter races faster can help you get out of it. Yanno - really burning your lungs for that 5K b/c you know it will be over soon!

  4. Awww. It's hard to live in the moment when you're always planning (races) in the future. It's better to make the experience the goal - which is why I like your style: taking pictures while running in each race. Just think, there are plenty more places to run and snap photos!

  5. I hear you, maybe a new challenge. How about a marathon in each state?


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