Sunday, March 18, 2012

Decision Time!

I am so ridiculously unprepared for this weekend. I have not planned ANYTHING. I mean, I bought some snacks I thought I might want to eat during the race. Then I ate about 80% of them. Oops. I have not even picked my outfit. Part of the problem with picking my clothes is that I'm essentially going to be in them for 30+ hours. And the weather in Moab is SUPER unpredictable. I've sort of narrowed it down, but I would love some input.

I will definitely be wearing a YMX top. Choices:

This would be my "night" shirt. Could toss on over whatever else I'm wearing, or could simply switch tops. No biggie.

Other choices:

Normally I'm all about the tank tops. However, I really only got the chance to try out the hydration vest on one long run, and am a bit iffy about the straps, and if they might bother me without fabric being inbetween it and my skin. This shirt is breathable and would be awesome.

Next choice:

I absolutely LOVE this one. I'm actually leaning toward this one because I saw THIS for the forecast:

That's pretty hot temps to be running in.

And I'm also struggling with what to wear on the lower half. I'm comfortable running in capris, but the 70s is pretty warm for me to be wearing something long, plus I'm debating about wearing compression socks, which essentially is  like wearing long pants. I could die. I'm leaning towards wearing this:

I almost always race in a skirt, but I have never run in a Lulu skirt for longer than 6-7 miles. I normally wear runningskirts, but with a distance like this, I think I'd like the built in shorts.



I leave on Friday for Moab. I plan on camping at the start, and then the race starts bright and early, 7:00 am. I have done the training pretty much to the letter. I did not miss one single run, but I did cut a few of the long runs a few miles short due to time restraints. I have (much to my dismay) tapered for the first time EVER. I am as ready as I will ever be, yet I feel like I am walking blind into my first race ever.

I would appreciate any last minute advice, comments, bits of encouragement, etc. (Wardrobe related or otherwise).


  1. You are going to do awesome! You have trained hard and you are ready. All of the outfits choices are cute. I would go for whatever rubes the least. Maybe bring all and pick the day of. That way if weather or mood changes you have some options the day of.

  2. You will be great! I would bring all three shirts and leave them at your check-points so you can change clothes. It may be a refreshing break to put on a dry, clean shirt once in a while. Also, change of socks/shoes and even bottoms. Is there water/mud on the course that you'll be going through?

  3. I haven't run an ultra so I don't have any great advice for you. The only thing I can say is to "Believe!" Believe in your training and Believe in yourself. I do and I will be cheering for you the entire weekend!

  4. Agreed with the others! Bring all the stuff you can in your drops. Better to have options than to freeze/burn up/get rained on.

    I vote yes for the compression socks. Your legs will feel far better off with them over the long run than they would without. The fresh leg factor will probably outweigh the warmth factor. You can always take them off.

    I wore my hydration vest with tanks all summer and never had any issues. I put Body Glide on everything around the straps and my neck just in case.

    I've done a hot, humid summer ultra (~10 hrs) in my Skirt Sports skirt (with shorts underneath) and didn't have any issues. I've also worn capris in the same weather. For some races, I actually prefer capris because thick vegetation/poison ivy/bugs are not nice to your legs.

    Extra socks and shoes in your drops never hurt anyone. I used to think my feet wouldn't swell, but they do. I can only imagine what would happen in a really long race.

    Sorry so long. Good luck to you! I think you will be just fine. :)

  5. Having never run an ultra, I have nothing in the way of advice (besides BRING EVERYTHING!) but I just wanted to say GO YOU!! You are going to do great, and I am so excited for you! You've done all the just relax and enjoy it.

  6. You will do great. I'm a tank top person too if it's warm out. I tend to overheat with short sleeves. I think I have the same hydration vest as you and haven't had any chafing issues with it (but would still BodyGlide it). Have fun!!

  7. For my 100 I have lots of opportunites to change clothes (there is no modesty in ultra racing) and I plan on probably doing that as needed.

    I will be wearing CEP compression shorts no matter what the temps are. They are longer on me than shorts but not over my knees. I know they will make me hot but the added benefits (even if they are mental) are worth it. On top, I'd say YMX long sleeve at night, if you need it and short sleeve day time. You could always go arm sleeves if you get chilly.
    Shoes and socks. One 50 miler I changes my shoes (not socks though) and the other I didn't. So I don't know how I'll handle the feet for the 100. I should stay fairly dry on my course. Will you have water crossings? I say take extra, better to have dry socks/shoes and not need them than to want them and not.

  8. you’ve got this! i wish i could give more advice on what to wear-but from what i read in other comments-bring them all so you can change if you need to. good luck!!

  9. I like the tank, it's really pretty! And I love the ruffled skirt. Yep, wear those. And I don't think you need compression socks when it's going to be so warm...don't want you to melt.

    I know I like it when people tell me directly so I hope you do, too!

    So excited for you!!! :)

  10. I would go with the tank and the skirt is so cute.

    You're so ready and it's going to be awesome!

  11. I'm excited for you and will be thinking of you every step of those 100 miles. :) You've nailed that training plan...big time. You'll be fine. Just make sure to keep track of your fluids, don't stop eating and peeing and do NOT head out too fast. :) You'll rock that course. :)


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