Thursday, March 24, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Finally finally FINALLY seem to be getting over my nasty cold. A week and a half? Really? Blech.

2. Only got in 2 days of P90X this week. I blame that partially on being sick and partially on not having a whole lot of time.

3. Last weekend I was totally caught off guard by such cold temperatures in NYC. This weekend I have another double scheduled. DC is supposed to be cold, and it is supposed to be snowy with a high of 40 degrees on Sunday. I planned ahead this time. I got some cheapo sweaters and blankets from the dollar bin at Target so I can toss them at the start line. I also have some of those stretchy gloves. I refuse to freeze again.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!


  1. I forgot that I was going to suggest getting throw away clothes. B and I did that for Little Rock and I kept on my long sleeve till 3rd mile- so worth it.
    Good Luck on your double this weekend!

    PS. I know what you mean about hair being up all the time, guess I just wanted to spend money on something non running related :)

  2. Thank the running gods that nasty cold is finally gone!

    Sweaters and blankets from the dollar bin: great idea! I'm stealing it for the next race!

  3. I am not looking forward to the cold temps for the National Half this year. Last year it was a heck of alot warmer then this year. Good luck and I hope to give you a shout out if you speed by me. =) OH and good luck at the DE race as well. Not sure when you are planning to run the state of Maryland but the Baltimore Half is really run but very hilly that is in October.

  4. whats your fave workout in p90x?

    i like the yoga, legs and back and shoulders and arms.

  5. Good luck this weekend. Looking forward to reading your race reports, as usual.

  6. Another Double-Header! Go Becka, Go!!

    The Target dollar bin sounds like a fantastic idea! Good luck, have fun .... and smooth travels!


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