Thursday, March 3, 2011

Facts About February

Miles Run - 100.69
Races Run - 4 (1 marathon, 1 half marathon, and a four mile race, and an untimed 5K)
PR's Set - 2 (shave 4.5 minutes off my 4 mile time with a 35:25, and 14 minutes off my marathon time with a 4:28:15)
Minutes of Planks - 23

I didn't run as much in February as I had planned. I took a few extra rest days at the beginning of the month to recover from a severe cold. And then of course, took an extra day off after the marathon. All things considered, I'm pleased with the amount of miles I squeezed in.

Overall, I had a pretty awesome month! I was pretty nervous about running my second marathon since I was going to be traveling and running alone. It went FANTASTIC! And although I didn't have the best race for the Princess Half, I got to experience running with A for her first 5K, and that was truly priceless.


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Week in Review (February 13 - February 19)

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