Friday, March 4, 2011

Foto Friday

I figured I'd post some pictures from my February Marathon:

And A's first 5K:

And the Disney Princess Half:


  1. Love the pic's!! Noticed you haven't ran in KY yet!! We have one coming up in April. Here's their website
    I haven't registered yet. Just starting this whole running thing (still wondering at times if this is for me) and I'm loving it, when I'm not hating it :) Let me know if you decide to register!! If I'm not racing I can cheer you on!!!


  2. That's a great outfit, in the last picture!! :)

  3. Your snow white outfit looks awesome in motion.

  4. Great Pics.

    I ran in the red skirt with polka dots at Disneyland in CA. Love it.

  5. Great pictures! Love the outfits at the Disney races :) A is too cute!!

  6. Fun pictures!! I can only imagine how popular A was that day in her adorable little outfit and running so hard!


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