Friday, March 11, 2011

Been a lazy blogger...

I used to blog almost every day. Now I'm barely getting in two a week. And even that is because one is usually a race recap.

I don't think it is just writer's block. I think I'm just getting tired of blogging? Or I'm uninterested in what I'm blogging about? I don't know. It's been this way for a while.


Nothing much to report here. Running this week went pretty good AFTER the race. I did two 8+ mile runs (Monday and Wednesday) and a fast (for me) 30 minute run at 9 min mile pace yesterday.

I've also added P90X to my training. Man. That stuff is intense! It's super hard! The first time I did the Ab Ripper X DVD my abs were aching for days. I've only done about a week of it, but I think it is a good mix of cross training to add to my pretty boring training schedule.


I seem to have pulled a muscle in my neck/back. I have a doctor appointment this afternoon. This type of thing used to happen every 6 months to a year, although my doctor would claim they were mini "episodes" of my MS. I don't agree. I checked my last prescription, I haven't been in since October, 2008. Anyway, we'll see what they say.


  1. I miss your blogging!

    I started some cross training this week as well, and also jacked up my back/neck. So... take that FWIW.

  2. I love reading your race reports and have inspired me a few months ago. I am now going to run a race 5K,10K, 13.1 or 26.2 in all 50 states as well but wearing my team sparkle skirt. =) Keep blogging and inspiring us all. I know I have been bad my self and fully understand.

  3. Isn't P90X rough? My husband hurts his neck (it seems often to me)with P90X. I think it's the pull ups? Maybe the plough and shoulder stands in YogaX?

    Hope your doctor has a good diagnosis for you.

  4. I've been in a blogging rut, too. I think I've just been so tired from Florida and then trying to get caught up with my work and home life, so I've just been blah. And I've SUCKED at reading blogs.

    I'm worn out just picturing trying to do P90X!


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