Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Week in Review (May 26 - June 1)

Tuesday (29,483 steps) - Worked in the office in the morning. Rest day, but of course took Pika on walks. We saw our first owl!

Another delicious Imperial Stout from New Image!!
Wednesday (54,684 steps) - Work from home. Finally, the official results from our work challenge!
MAN I HATE RUNNING IN THE SUMMER. And face masks just make it worse. It is sooo hot and it is hard to breathe in the stupid masks. Plus, I sweat so much that the masks get saturated pretty quickly. Ugh.

Thursday (34,741 steps) - Work from home. In an attempt to mix things up again, I ran a little bit of a different route after work. Normally, Thursdays are rest days, but with having to go in the office earlier in the week, I didn't end up running. Still didn't run far, but since I'm not actually training for anything, I suppose it doesn't really matter.

My birthday present from Ben's mom finally came! She signed me up for a craft beer "beer of the month" club. Do I have the best "almost" mother-in-law ever, or what??
Another Pika walk and another owl sighting! This time, we saw more than one. Owls are so cute!
Friday (27,543 steps) - Work from home and a rest day. Walks and a porch happy hour with Tyler and Mike.

Saturday (32,021 steps) - My first time heading into the actual "mountains" was a trip to Bergen Peak! Met Tyler and Kristin for a hike/run. Kristin ended up turning around about 3 miles up, but Tyler and I went all the way to the summit. Somehow, even though I have run out there a bunch of times, I got turned around and went up a way I've never been up and nearly got lost getting back to the car. How.

Tyler and I both were pretty astounded at how hard this felt. Guess after months and months of running flat, we've lost our "hill climbing" abilities. Oof.
Sunday (18,958 steps) - Rolled out of bed pretty tired, but still ran the RMRR Virtual 4K. Went out a bit fast, and ended up nearly dying. It went as well as could be expected, especially since I accidentally routed a decently large hill at the end.
Sunday morning games over Zoom with Belmar folks and breakfast. Pika walks, but otherwise another fairly uninteresting day.
Precious and Jake had done the Aravaipa climbing challenge and wanted to celebrate with a beer. We planned on going to New Terrain, but when we saw how crazy busy they were, we opted to get beer to go and met up at a nearby park. It was great to see them again!

Monday (44,907 steps) - Work from home. Rest day.

Can you tell that we are completely obsessed with the owls??

  • 242,337 steps
  • 23.9 miles run

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