Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Week in Review (June 9 - June 15)

Tuesday (26,759 steps) - Work in the office. Usually long walk downtown during lunch.
On the way home I stopped at Berkeley Park to drop off the mask Ariel made for Phil and pick up a shirt that I didn't even remember ordering. Then I had to stop by the tire place to have them check on my tires - the tire light was still on. Surprisingly, that was fixed pretty quickly and I didn't even get irritated. Went for a run in the neighborhood, that I don't remember much about, other than saying it wasn't the worst run I've ever had. That's always nice. Evening walk with Pika (where she had a close encounter with a neighborhood cat we named Pablo).

Wednesday (50,224 steps) - Early morning excitement was seeing a fox in our neighborhood!
Worked from home, and then we drove up to Boulder for our "unofficial" weekly trail run with Tyler.

Thursday (20,768 steps) - Work in the office, long walk during lunch hour. Nothing exciting. Evening walk with Pika and another really pretty sunset.

Friday (49,009 steps) - We've been having a lot of fun scouting the owls when we are on our walks. We've been lucky enough to see up to three at one time, but it's fun trying to find them and all their camouflage. The one in this picture we have named George, he is an adult owl. The other two are juveniles and have lighter colored feathers and no "horns."
Did some yoga with Ariel, which is always entertaining. After work Ariel and I went to get my first wedding dress alterations done! I was fairly apprehensive about this, only because I bought my dress a few weeks before quarantine and I certainly have been struggling maintaining my weight, if not gaining. Luckily, the dress still fits, and the only alterations are really hemming and fixing the strap lengths. I have a follow-up fitting the beginning of August. It's getting real!
Saturday (35,225 steps) - Ariel and I were up early to meet Kristin at Deer Creek Canyon. I've only been out there a handful of times, and like the last time I ran out there, got confused about some of the distances and ended up running a bit more than we planned. I certainly didn't mind, but Ariel was not impressed.

Ariel had her first social distancing play date with friends at a nearby park, so while she did that, Ben and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a snack and a beer. Thankfully we were able to get a seat on the patio, still not super comfortable in enclosed spaces with a lot of sketchy people.

Walk with Pika to the lake, where we saw a coyote. In the middle of the day. They are getting pretty bold.
Occasionally, we still find painted rocks!
Sunday (32,904 steps) - Drove to Evergreen to meet some friends for a hike (I only went because Lisa was insistent that it would just be a hike up - I was pretty tired after the miles we did at Deer Creek). It was really great to see a bunch of my former training buddies! We did do some running on the way down, which was also nice.


We were invited to go out with friends for a birthday celebration. We got to the bar they wanted to meet at and we were truly horrified by the lack of social distancing and the crowding, so we bailed and opted to get a beer from a smaller place down the street. Will things ever really feel "normal" again?
Monday (35,024 steps) - Work from home, Pika walk at lunch. Ariel and I decided to meet up with Phil at New Terrain for the long-lost run club! Thankfully only one other gal showed up, so we weren't a big group. My legs were pretty beat from a big weekend, but I was able to keep up relatively well, especially on the descents. 

We sat on the patio and had a beer before heading home. I feel like this is the best social distancing signage I've ever seen.
  • 249,913 steps
  • 34.1 miles run

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