Thursday, June 25, 2020

Week in Review (June 16 - June 22)

Tuesday (21,996 steps) - Work in the office, rest day! Walked around at lunch and stopped Highland Tap & Burger to pick up some special Vermont beer for Ben.
Isn't the bike path here scenic?
These were $10 a can! Better be good....
Wednesday (50,154 steps) - Work from home. Long walk with Pika during lunch.
Boulder with Lisa & a few detours for extra climbing.

Thursday (31,705 steps) - Work in the office. Usual walk during lunch, really hot out again.
I had plans to meet Maureen for a run, but I was in Morrison more than an hour before we were supposed to meet up. I impromptu pulled over and did a few repeats at Dinosaur Ridge. I had never run up the west side before, it was looong. I did run up the east side without stopping either time. Definitely felt pretty strong on this run. I also appreciated that they have repaved the road out there since I last ran here.

I arrived at the lot to meet Maureen and it was lightly raining. Neither of us figured it would amount to much. We planned on 4ish miles and got caught in a pretty decent rain storm when we were about halfway done.

We decided to stop at the Holiday bar and have a beer on the patio.

I was FREEZING by the time I got home and had to take a hot shower before I could have dinner. Ridiculous, it's summer!
Friday (44,542 steps) - Work from home, rest day.

After work we went to Old Chicago to meet with Carrie to go over the most recent wedding plans! Things are finally starting to fall into place. I'm VERY close to cash flowing the entire shindig, which makes me VERY happy!!

Saturday (35,995 steps) - I managed to convince Ben to get up early and go with me to meet Jeramiah and Kristin in Boulder for a trail run. Kristin called right as we were meeting to say she was going to be very late because she ran out of gas. Ugh. Jeramiah had mapped out a lollipop loop that included going up Shadow Canyon and going to the summit of Bear Peak and South Boulder Peak. This was VERY challenging for me, but what a beautiful day!!

This took a LOT longer than we planned. And thankfully, we started really early, because it was super hot by the time we were coming down. Home long enough to take a quick shower before taking Ariel to meet a friend at the park. While we waited, we went to New Image for a beer.
We sat on the patio and planned on taking Pika for a quick walk before dinner.
Things did not quite go according to plan... So we were doing our normal walk and Ariel noticed that there was a baby duck swimming alone in the lake, peeping up a storm. We didn't see any adult ducks nearby, and even the closest geese were almost out of sight. I quick googled what happens to a hatchling if they get separated from their parents. I had no idea that random hens will DROWN babies that don't belong to them. Thus began the big rescue. While the baby was clearly scared and alone, he was also evasive. Between Ariel and Ben it probably took close to a half hour to rescue the duck. He is so cute, and we named him Bob.

Now obviously, we know that we can't keep a duck. We live in a townhome with a dog and two cats. Ariel actually has a friend that has a duck, so while we were waiting for pizza to be delivered, she was getting advice on how to take care of the baby for the night, until we would be able to get him to a rescue.

Sunday (34,650 steps) - After getting virtually no sleep, Ben and I were up early again, this time to meet Sheila and Alison for a run at Centennial Cone. I had only been there once, years ago, and never run the full loop. I messed up mapping times and we barely made it there on time. I hate being late when we are meeting people.

Thankfully it was overcast and even a little chilly for this run. I can imagine it gets very hot out on these trails because it's pretty exposed. We decided to meet up at the Two Bears Tavern outside Idaho Springs. I had never been there before, their signage was amusing. Even though it was chilly, we sat on the patio. We basically froze to death, but at least we got beer and a really good burger.

Home with just enough time to grab Ariel and take her to another play date. We had plans to get Bob to the rescue! Unfortunately the one that was actually close to us didn't take ducks and we had to drive to (almost) Lyons to the rescue. After filling out a bit of paperwork, Bob was taken in. He will live there for a few months until he is ready to learn how to fly, at which point he will be reintroduced to the wild. Even in the few minutes he was there, he apparently made a duck friend his same age. Awww. We only had Bob for one day, but it was quite the adventure. Time to fly, Bob.
We stopped at 4 Noses on the way home to have a beer before picking up Ariel. By the time we went on a dog walk, it was already near dark. How do weekends go by so fast?
Monday (68,601 steps) - Work from home, rest day. Dog walk during lunch and after work. Very uneventful day.
  • 287,643 steps
  • 37.3 miles run

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