Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Week in Review (June 2 - June 8)

Tuesday (28,878 steps) - Sadly, starting in June, we have to start easing back into a regular schedule. I am working in the office full days on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Nicole is doing Wednesdays and Fridays. Since I had to be in the office all day, I walked around downtown at a lunch.

I certainly do not FEEL acclimated
After work, I went for a run, and it was truly terrible. Took Pika for a walk and owl watched. Again.

Wednesday (49,114 steps) - Work from home. Pika walk during lunch and did a random yoga video with A. After work we drove to Boulder with Pika and met Tyler and Mike for a loop! I have missed those trails, but once again, lack of trail running was really evident with how hard it felt.
Someone looks excited for a car ride!!

We stopped to get Sweet Cow ice cream, and as a result, we were a little late to starting trivia. Doesn't really matter when you are always in last place, haha.
Thursday (20,041 steps) - Took Lucy to the dealership during lunch to get routine service done. Got a loaner and went back to work.

Had to go BACK to the dealership to pick up Lucy. After I got home I went out and did the short loop near the dam, and it wasn't great. Ugh, I just don't like running with the mask when it is so hot! And also, being at work all day kinda sucks.
Friday (27,676 steps) - Rest day!!! Pika walk and did another random yoga video with A. Also, after many, many hours, Ariel finished making her first face mask!!

After I got off work, we headed up to... Vail!! Ben got a BnB in town. On the way up, we stopped at Outer Range for a beer. When we got to Vail we went to Vendetta's. I wasn't super impressed with how Vail was handling the social distancing and masks, but the pizza was good and it was really weird to be out and about.

Saturday (18,803 steps) - It was supposed to be a fairly rainy morning, but we got up early-ish to hike/run the Berry Picker trail in Vail. Apparently, this is just fancy talk for going straight up the side of the ski resort. The way up was all hiking, and when we got to the top it was raining a bit. We did some running on the way down, but honestly, we were all pretty tired.

It was really interesting having snow up this high. It was pretty unstable and with enough weight, I sunk all the way down. In some areas, the snow was up to the bottom of my skirt. Crazy!

We went to Garfinkel's for lunch, and unlike Vendetta's, we were REALLY impressed with the way they were handling the new rules. We were able to do everything touchless AND they gave us a great deal on our food and drinks.
THEN, we went to see our venue!!! It is actually even better in person, and the gal in charge was actually really pleasant. She has been hard to get a hold of, so it was good to chat with her. She has a lot of great ideas for how to hold our wedding in a safe, yet fun way.

Headed over to Vail Brewing, where we had a beer and sat on the patio. That is, until it started POURING.
We ended up going into Minturn for dinner at a cute BBQ restaurant. We stayed up and watched a cheesy disaster movie on Ben's laptop before heading to bed.
Sunday (18,358 steps) - Got up early in hopes of having enough time to do the trail to Surprise Lake. We stopped in Minturn for breakfast, and unfortunately, when we got to the turn off, the lower road was closed, so we knew we would not have enough time to do the whole thing all the way to the lake. It was still a really pretty trail, and we definitely plan on coming back again when we have more time.

Why were we in such a hurry? We had our wedding cake tasting!! This really exceeded my expectations, and we were really happy that she was able to squeeze us in on such short notice. I appreciated being able to sit outside, and it was fun that there were random chickens running around.

We stopped for one more beer at Outer Range before heading back down the mountain.
Back to reality and another Pika walk!

It was a busy weekend, but it was so nice to have a change of scenery!
Monday (46,713 steps) - Work from home. Ariel spent the morning working on making another face mask - this one was for Phil.  

Rest day, so it was the usual walking Pika over lunch. After work, I had to take Lucy to get new tires (I didn't want to pay for run flats at the dealer). They were pretty quick, which was nice! After I got home, I took A to Kristin's house where they practiced their instruments for a while. Even though they had never played together, they were able to pick up some new music and play a song for me and Ben. Cute!

  • 209,583 steps
  • 24.4 miles run

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