Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Week in Review (May 19 - May 25)

Tuesday (28,903 steps) - Worked in the office for most of the day. Pika and I sat on the porch after work while I read, and of course, walks.

Wednesday (49,672 steps) - Work from home. Summer is officially here, and it is miserable. I ran Tyler's loop. It was mid 80's, hot and windy. Gross.

More patio time, and this time Batman joined for a bit. While we think Robin is the brave one, she actually flips out a little when she is outside, so for now, she just watches us. We played trivia with Greg, but it was a little hard to hear over the air conditioner turning on and off.
Thursday (52,674 steps) - Work from home. Ran a partial sidewalk/dirt loop and ran by a house that was offering free face masks!

Friday (37,787 steps) - Work from home. Ariel's last day of school! She will officially be a freshman next year! Of course this was not at all the way we thought 8th grade would end for her. Nutty year.

Picked up another new beer from 4 Noses, and then a walk with Pika. More painted rocks after a lull in seeing them.

Saturday (30,965 steps) - Met up with Jeramiah and Tyler EARLY  for a run at Lair o' the Bear. Jeramiah turned around about 3 miles up, but Tyler and I ran mostly together and did a total of 10 miles. Have I mentioned lately how much I have missed trail running???

Sunday (18,218 steps) - Overall, a pretty low-key day. Rainy and blah.
Monday (30,545 steps) - Ben had to work, but Ariel and I got up early and drove to Lakewood to run the Virtual Bolder Boulder with some of our friends. Oh, how I've missed my Belmar friends in person! We did a great job of social distancing and even were able to sit around after and share a drink. I've missed this!

A social distanced start line

Pika walk!
  • 248,764 steps
  • 28.7 miles run

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