Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Week in Review (December 31 - January 6)

First off - here's a little video that summarizes my year! (It's like 6 minutes long, but if you're bored...)
Tuesday (19,736 steps) - Our office closed at noon, so I went to the gym for a strength class during lunch and didn't come back after. I wanted to get one last run in for the year, so I drove down to Waterton Canyon. Considering all the snow we got over the weekend, the road was in decent shape. Run itself was not great, but I got a little over 6 miles done.
Sigh - maybe in 2020 I'll get my act together. (At least they are the same style, just different colors)

Met up with Ben at New Image for happy hour and a snack and then stopped at the grocery store and picked up pizza for dinner. Ended up binge watching almost all of the second season of You. And no, I didn't make it until midnight.
Wednesday (10,390 steps) - Managed to stay in bed until after 8. Re-watched the second to last episode of You before watching the finale! What a crazy season. In the midst of that, I signed up for my goal race of 2020. I'm coming for you, Moab 240! We left the house around 11:30 to head to Bear Creek to meet up with everyone for the New Year's Day 5kish.
While it had been really nice and sunny early in the morning, the clouds came out and it was REALLY windy for our run. I ran the first 20 minutes or so with Ben, Pika and A. Mo and Colfax were late, so I doubled back and ran with them for the last part, ending up with just over 4 miles.

Drove to Morrison for snacks and white elephant at the Holiday Bar.
After, Ben and I went to Resolute because they were doing buy one get one beers, PLUS, we got a free dog blanket for having Pika with us.

Thursday (14,370 steps) - Bah humbug. Core class during lunch. Left work early to get A to the dentist, then we all went to Berkeley Park.
I walked Pika for about 2 miles, Ben ran with the group. After, we went to Goldspot for trivia. Initially, we were only planning on staying for a few rounds, but we were doing fairly well so we ended up staying for the whole thing.
Tied for last (ugh), but did pretty well in the final rounds. Home a bit later than I would have liked.
Friday (15,757 steps) - Lower body class during lunch. Took Pika for a walk to the lake with everyone to get our mile in for the day. Ben made delicious burgers for dinner. Nom nom.
Saturday (17,544 steps) - Up early to head to Aurora for Runner's Edge. I kinda like living next to Tyler, as he offered to drive. Pretty happy with the 6 miles I ended up doing.

The day kinda got away from us and we went to Corona's for beer and food. Picked up pizza for dinner. Watched Secret Life of Pets 2 and a few episodes of Lost in Space.
Sunday (21,304 steps) - RMRR January race! I was just hoping to not have a repeat of last year (where I went out too fast and had to walk a bunch). I'll admit I never felt great during this run, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I feared it might be.
Garmin Time - 1:04:44
Garmin Distance - 6.21
Garmin Pace - 10:25
Mile 1 - 10:44
Mile 2 - 10:42
Mile 3 - 10:31
Mile 4 - 10:28
Mile 5 - 10:21
Mile 6 - 10:00
Mile 6.21 - 9:08 pace

Most impressive, in my opinion, are the NEGATIVE SPLITS! Ben had a fantastic race, running more than a minute per mile faster than he estimated (although not sure that was a great day for "A" race week, but I digress). A was hoping for a PR, but was about three minutes off from one. She ran about 57 minutes, which is great since she hasn't been running that much. And also, she just always looks so happy!
We stuck around for awards (which was good, because A actually got one).
We met up with Mo and Greg at Torchy's for breakfast and bloody Mary's.
Mo and Colfax came over for a walk with Pika. The lake looked REALLY neat with all the melting that has happened - not sure I've ever seen it look like this!

THEN, we went to Resolute after.
Blah. Leftover pizza for dinner, Lost in Space, in bed crazy early.
Monday (11,739 steps) - Lower body class during lunch. After work I picked up A at Scouts, and then we walked around the lake to get our mile in for the day.
Since it has been so cold and windy for the last few days, we decided to have pho for dinner. I love pho and wish I knew how to make it, because I think I could eat it every day!
In bed early.

  • 110,840 steps
  • 22.6 miles run
  • Four gym classes

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