Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Week in Review (September 24 - September 30)

Tuesday (19,474 steps) - Strength class during lunch. Milk Market run club (although I was still just walking).

Pretty excited that the theme of this one was Taco Tuesday and we had an amazing taco bar waiting for us.
Wednesday (15,315 steps) - Core class during lunch. Runners Roost Boulder! As much as I wanted to run on the trails, Ariel and I stuck to the road and did a run/walk (although by the end we were running more than walking) on the 5K route.

Mac n' Cheese 5K had a booth at the store and we got to enjoy some of the cheesiest mac I've ever had. Delicious!
Thursday (15,380 steps) - Berkeley Park! Since it was Hoktoberfest, Hoka was there and I demoed some new shoes. Raymond did not want to look at the camera.
Ariel and I opted to walk around the lake.

Then I boldly participated in the Hoktoberfest mile after. I'm surprised I was able to run so much.
Friday (13,349 steps) - Core class during lunch. Took A shopping to get new shoes.
Saturday (20,876 steps) - Drove up to Jones Pass for a hike! It was super foggy when we started, but ended up being a really pretty day! On the way down, I realized we had missed a switchback that we've taken previously, so I'm not actually sure what our full hike was.

Finally had time to stop at the brewery in Emprie before we met up with Ben at work and A got to go inside!
Then onto Angry James and pizza for dinner.
Sunday (13,519 steps) - Slept in! Ben picked Booth Falls in Vail for our hike for the day, and boy was it gorgeous! I have not seen fall colors like that in ages! Took a zillion pictures.

Outer Range & Qdoba.
Monday (12,442 steps) - Early drive to Denver, although there was no traffic. Grocery shopping & exchanging yet another viola for A.

  • 110,355 steps
  • About 4 miles run (but hiking & walking!)
  • Three gym classes

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