Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Week in Review (October 1 - October 7)

Tuesday (16,215 steps) - Strength during lunch. Milk Market run club! After weeks (and weeks) of not running, I opted to "run" with Lisa & Annette. It was drizzling rain, cold, slow and not the greatest, but I need to get back into running!

Wednesday (19,970 steps) - Core class during lunch. Runners Roost Boulder! Apparently I wasn't paying attention last week and there was a trail running clinic (with Cat Bradley) happening at the same time as our regular run club, so there were a billion people there.
I had the opportunity to run shorter (with the clinic), but opted to stick with the regular group. HOLY CRAP I AM NOT RECOVERED. I had to walk so so so so much. Once the climbing stopped, I didn't feel quite as terrible, but ugh.

Thursday (13,078 steps) - Belmar run club! A and I walked with Mo and Colfax. Cold evening, I don't know how I am going to survive the "real" cold.

After, a group of us went to the new restaurant in Wheat Ridge "Mac Cheezary" - it was really good! A and I got different bowls so we could split them - Colorado Favorite & a Polish Cajun. YUM.

Friday (10,114 steps) - Core class during lunch. Felt super motivated and did quite a bit of cleaning when I got home from work. Since it was National Taco Day, we ordered Torchy's for pick up. (And good thing, I am not sure I have seen that place so busy since they initially opened a few years ago).
Saturday (6,973 steps) - Apparently, I did basically nothing all day. Slept in, made breakfast & baked cookies.
We went to the grocery store and then went to Amy & Geno's house for pumpkin carving! I'm not sure I've ever actually carved a pumpkin, and this was a lot of fun!

Sunday (22,315 steps) - Up early for RMRR 8 miler! I was definitely not looking forward to this as I've obviously not been running since I got done with Tahoe. Especially dreading after how awful Wednesday's trail run had been. The race ended up starting 15 minutes late because the port-o-potty that had been ordered was never delivered and we had to wait until 8 for the nearby rec center to open so we could use bathrooms. A decided that she only wanted to run the 5K, and I had to start nearly 11 minutes after the gun. The first mile wasn't bad, and then it basically all went to crap after that. I set up my interval timer (2:30/:45) right around 2 miles in. I was actually able to maintain those for a few miles - much to the annoyance of Rob - every time he would catch me when I was walking I'd be taking off into a run again. At the turnaround (just under 5 miles due to the way the course was set up) I had to take a LOT more breaks. This was a lot harder than I expected it to be, although overall, my time wasn't "terrible."

Time - 1:24:01
Garmin Distance - 8.08 miles
Garmin Pace - 10:24
Mile 1 - 9:45
Mile 2 - 10:44
Mile 3 - 10:16
Mile 4 - 9:55
Mile 5 - 10:16
Mile 6 - 10:48
Mile 7 - 11:25
Mile 8 - 10:12
Mile 8.08 - 8:34 pace
Matchy matchy skirts with Ang!
We stuck around at the finish taking goofy pictures and chatting until awards were done.
Ben was already down in Denver, so we agreed to meet him at Station 26 (with Greg!) After a few beers we headed home, stopping to pick up Chipotle for lunch. Quick nap, then getting ready for our annual family pictures with Dulce.

THEN, we went to the housewarming party that Megan was hosting. Great evening with friends!
Apparently the only pic is of all the dogs outside wanting to come in, haha
Managed to stay up long enough to watch the (ridiculous) season premiere of Walking Dead.
Monday (13,835 steps) - New Terrain unofficial run club. Since it's getting dark so early, we all headed out early. I was just hiking with Pika (who really didn't want to be out there, she was so stubborn!)

Picked up pho for dinner & rewatched half of the Walking Dead episode since A had fallen asleep and missed some of it.


  • 102,500 steps
  • 17.7 miles run
  • Three gym classes

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