Friday, March 15, 2019

Week in Review (March 5 - March 11)

Tuesday (5,724 steps) - Strength class during lunch. And as is evidenced by my lack of steps - we celebrated Fat Tuesday by having fajitas, chips & queso, and eating a King Cake.
(Well, I ate MY half, Ariel DNF'd.) Went to bed early because I felt a little sick (weird, huh?)
Wednesday (17,302 steps) - Ariel texted me after school that her instrument "broke."
Thankfully, I had the sense to put insurance on the instrument and we were able to get it swapped out pretty painlessly.
Runners Roost Boulder! According to Strava, it was only a little muddy. I think the run was fine.

Thursday (8,015 steps) - Core class during lunch. A had a concert that lasted FOREVER. Kids really have improved a ton, however.
Friday (5,622 steps) - Nothing?
Saturday (20,690 steps) - Long run with Runners Edge. And by "long," this week was only 10 miles. We had plans to have breakfast with Pete & Janet and wanted to end up at Carnation. This week's run was the point to point "downhill" run starting in Golden. Where we planned on ending was actually 8 miles, so we had to run to 9 and then come back uphill the last mile.
I love how these are painted so they aren't so ugly!
Breakfast was amazing. A had a sleepover again to work on homework, so I drove up to Summit to see Ben. We had dinner at Cala, didn't do much else.
Sunday (7,544 steps) - Wanted to get back down the mountain early because they were planning avalanche mitigation. Unfortunately for us, they started a bit early and we ended up stopped on I-70 for about an hour.
A was planning on staying longer than expected at her friend's house so we stopped at New Image, then ate dinner at Torchy's.
Also known as the "sweetest" beer ever, holy cow
Took Pika for a walk to the lake.
Monday (6,794 steps) - Core class during lunch.

  • 71,691 steps (wow, pathetic!)
  • 16.3 miles run (only 2 runs!)
  • 3 trips to the gym

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