Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Week in Review (July 17 - July 23)

Tuesday (11,381 steps) - Barre Express with Gabi!
Wednesday (21,026 steps) - Runners Roost Boulder! It was approximately one zillion degrees, and yet I actually had a pretty great run.

After the beer & pizza we went to JT's house and played croquet. So random, yet so fun!
Thursday (15,927 step) - By the way, I am finally canceling my barre membership. After two years, it's just not as fun as it was. With that said, I joined Planet Fitness because there is a location only a few blocks from my office. I went for the first time during lunch and enjoyed doing one of the "Express" workouts.
Belmar run club! We arrived late (again) and had to run to catch up with Ang so that we could walk. Another billion degree night. (Getting pretty sick of summer).
Friday (13,373 steps) - Barre with Gabi. After work I picked up groceries at Target and pizza for dinner. A got invited to a sleepover, so I spent the remainder of my night packing.
Saturday (16,814 steps) - Runners Edge. FINALLY at the point in my training schedule where I only had FOUR (yes, 4) miles to run.
I was insanely hot when I finished, which doesn't leave me feeling warm and fuzzy for my race. Did some shopping, picked up my aid station and then had breakfast with Kristin, Sheila, Janet & Pete. I got a text to pick up A later, so I took a nap. After I got A we watched some TV and were in bed early.
Sunday(18,843 steps) - Black Hawk trail 10K!
A had an afternoon meeting, and I don't remember leaving the couch.
Monday (8,171 steps) - Um. Nothing. Went to Culver's for dinner. Made peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies for a work potluck.

  • 105,535 steps
  • 18.6 miles run
  • 2 barre classes, 1 PF Express

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