Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Week in Review (May 29 - June 4)

Tuesday (15,193 steps) - My first time at RUNBARRE! An "easy" 3 mile run, then Barre Express, all before 8 am!
Wednesday (18,646 steps) - Dentist appointment before work. Runners Roost Boulder run club! It started raining (pretty heavily) on our drive up. We delayed the start of the run by just a couple minutes and it was barely sprinkling by the time we started.
Huge temperature drop, but lots of humidity. Probably the most challenging run we've done, up NCAR twice, nearly 1300' of vertical. Eeep.
Thursday (13,663 steps) - Skipped barre, was feeling very sore after the Boulder run. Belmar run club. Ran with Mo & Colfax.
Friday (10,415 steps) - Barre with Gabi! After work I met up with Denise & A at the Roost in Denver to help with packet pick up for Palmer Lake half marathon.
Saturday (24,383 steps) - Up at 4 am to volunteer at the Palmer Lake half marathon! First we helped out with bib pick up, then just kind of helped out wherever I was needed.

We were there until almost noon. The drive home was horrendous - so much traffic south of the city! We stopped by to visit with Phil. I still had to do my "long" run, so I headed out around 4:00 for 8 miles. So hot, and having beer/food before that probably didn't help. Ick. I did, however, get to see baby goats, and I consider that a win!

Sunday (15,103 steps) - Up early AGAIN, this time to volunteer at the mile 6/19 aid station at Revel! We met up with Ted and Mo, and spent 4 hours handing out water.

Quick trip to the finish line, then lunch at Mill Street/Holiday.
WARM 3 mile run with Mo & A in Bear Creek park before going over to Lisa's for a BBQ. Ended up staying way too late for a work night. First Sunday afternoon in ages that we weren't home and missed the big excitement of a FIRE in the building next to us :o
Monday (16,452 steps) - Felt pretty icky all day. New Terrain run club in the fiery hot heat. I hate summer.

  • 113,855 steps
  • 27.9 miles run
  • 2 barre classes

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