Friday, June 22, 2018

Week in Review (June 12 - June 18)

Tuesday (12,789 steps) - Barre Express with Gabi. Outside of running, have been reading a book I picked up at the library when I dropped off my ballot. Yay for being inspired to get rid of STUFF.
Wednesday (20,367 steps) - Runners Roost Boulder!
New-to-me route. It was stupid hot (like 90 degrees when we started), I had the tight calves again, and I just overall struggled. A was also going a little slower than normal because she said her knees were hurting a bit on the downhills (after her fall on Monday).

Photo cred: Todd Straka
Photo cred: Todd Straka
Went to Under the Sun after for a drink.
Thursday (16,710 steps) - Runners Roost Lakewood! A and I coordinated with Ang and Maureen to wear our unicorn skirts for Pride Day/Month.
Thankfully we had some relief from the heat with cloud-cover and even a handful of raindrops. After I worked out the tight calves I had a fairly decent run, followed by rainbow cake! After we got home we tackled more decluttering. I can't wait until this is done forever! (We have actually done a really great job with not buying things we don't need and accumulating clutter. It helps immensely that we don't shop, other than for groceries).
Friday (11,247 steps) - Barre with Gabi. More decluttering (finally). Had lost momentum, but we got rid of another carload of stuff (ugh, it's pretty sick how much crap we have that were a complete waste of money).
Saturday (30,704 steps) - Summer session kick off with Runners Edge! I had 20 miles on schedule, but obviously that wasn't going to happen. The longest I'd run since getting back from Europe was 10 miles. Optimistically, I thought that I could maybe do 16.
Once we started, I talked myself into doing 12. The run itself wasn't too bad, although I tired the early miles. We were set up on a 10 mile loop, and then I ran my old run club route for another 2 miles. After we picked up our aid station we headed home to shower before driving to LoDo to meet up with everyone at Linger for Lisa's engagement party. It was a long day of eating and drinking, we didn't get home for dinner until after 9 (I think).
Sunday (28,028 steps) - Father's Day half marathon (recap separate).
We had nothing else to do the rest of the day. However, part of the afternoon was spent disassembling the Keurig because it wasn't working (AGAIN). Pretty impressed I was able to take it apart and put it back together.
Also, we watched a decent amount of TV, then we had Tokyo Joe's BOGO and were in bed by sunset (really).
Monday (16,645 steps) - New Terrain run club! Another night where I felt like crap, my calves were hot and tight. I had decided to demo the Altras even though I have never liked a pair I tried. I did not like them again (shocker). The pace was actually not as bad as I thought, but I was not happy during this one, I was the slowest by far.

Wore my Desert RATS shirt to "celebrate" race week. Thankfully, MUCH cooler here in eastern Colorado 
Stuck around for a beer, then headed home in dinner. Thankfully we missed the most recent hail storm, I would be so mad to have another car damaged.

  • 136,490 steps
  • 40.7 miles run
  • 2 barre classes

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